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A couple of minutes ago. You were talking about the idea of on the first day for your safety to ask the guy for his driver's license and then text at one. Yeah. Worst idea in the universe in the history of mankind. Why why should I give you my? You're a total stranger in your first thing you do is ask me for my primary identification. Yeah. No way. If I asked you for it from my safety, you'd think I was out of my mind. Yeah. But the chances of you murdering raping me murderer raping nice work. Really? Well with women on men. What am I lean does we've had one female serial killer in the history of serial killers. We've had like a million men points. I wouldn't even ask you because it's ridiculous. I totally went. And here's what I'd say. I'd say, you know, I grew up in home, and let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm gone. I'm history before you, even explain the guy doesn't want. If a guy isn't aware that women have to protect yourself. They have to protect themselves. But that's paranoia. How about paranoia paranoia is? It's just safety. Now. How about this? We walk in. And I just put my thirty eight on the desk like as soon as you come in and say, I'm just protecting myself. That's all I'm just kidding. I wouldn't really do that. But I I would have no problem. And here's my thinking, if a guy doesn't understand why I would do that. I understand why disagree with it to the degree. Let me if somebody said, I really don't wait you down my personal information. I would say that's fair. That's absolutely fair. But you can have my driver's license number and all that information, not leave with him. And I probably would not give an even give him my own phone number. If they would it would really depend. I mean think think of someone called you on the phone and said, I need your phone name your address your. Driver's license number how much could they access like that's full trust? And will you? Yup. That's me showing up in person and doing all this this exchange in person, I'm not I'm not some random person, you might be conducting a scam trying guys to give you their information. I can never date someone with the highest same level of paranoia that I have fair point. Then here's the thing. I my personal protection is worth more than that. I don't care what you think. I really don't. And that's the thing. All right. To me. It ain't worth the evening date would knock over when workers we could never date. Anyway. It'd be a forbidden love. Anyway, I just want to say a big thank you can have a flat. You can look at it for second. But you're not getting it. And you're not texting it Elliott a second because I'm wearing cameras in my glasses. When you weren't paying attention. I wanna think Roger Bauer Roger heard me talking earlier in the show about not having seen a lot of Colorado. And he dropped me by an entire disc of pictures of every road in Colorado. So Roger are now. Now what I'm doing with my time for the next five days. That's gonna do actually Dave is gonna make a copy of it for himself. So Rogers voters, go everywhere Brandon krisztal joins me in the studio because now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio. Guy.

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