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With a party. Browse is on the way, but other guy follows amount is talking on. Uh huh. No ever again. My God, What a body the body with the body's way You're having me you say Whoa! My girls in the club and their best off. It's just showing that skin trying to making on the spit where you been, girl, you and your friends to come to back decided my found your white T shirt over three piece suit. No matter what you wear. All that matters is who you wait something jiggy something sweet by all up in the clubs to have a good time. Is on the way. Whatever cardiac time follows and was talking on, you know, I can't forget where the party with the party at funky What a party you say. Oh, honey, everybody and 30 someone wished matter around 1 30 never gets that You really coming as is do rags and my whole impasse here is this little jag and bends with the rolls, not the one with the stem the one with the rest of the one that seemed to make more enemies than friends. Tried near passed over. Oh, eyes hold hope and throws both arms rose with the S O s o d e dot my bottle to. There ain't none left quick they're going left, please with no rep Dance molding Death, baby. Show me the club. I'm like, Hey, whatever cardiac mix it with Chris. Maybe it was wrong with We in the VIP twisted stand, right. Left near two way of fooling like Mr Mom. Stay with party girls is on the way. Right up a car. Yeah, Tomorrow's talking on. Uh, no, I can't forget him. But my body, my girl. What a body. But a boy with the bodies where you're saying Oh, come on. The bodies were you just put your hands up? Storm up right side. Put your hands up. Storm A Everybody put your hands up Storm and the beat. Come back around. Everybody do the least side of running this smile for you. No, I do myself serving this mother for yeah, and the hey this day hitting on talking about.

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