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You just Doings in Washington with this impeachment trial of president trump and I guess my first threshold question here Dan. Richardson is Ken Can you have a trial. Wow without without evidence and witnesses or what do you have well I have an existential dilemma and possibly Dada Art it project but Referred to as a data art project before but okay man it just raises a question. I mean the trial itself has has certain connotations. And this goes back to what you know we've talked about before it's the fact that while we call it a trial. While has some trappings of judicial will process. You know have a guy a robe sitting top a bench in front of everybody It's not a trial. It's not a judicial proceeding. It is very much a political article process And so by that respect they can set the rules and I think You know so Kennedy do what they're doing. Yeah they can be called show trial. It could be called that or could be called a process that you know lack substance and You know lacks the the trappings that you know. There's a reason why we have court in certain procedures in court and that's to ensure a fair trial ensure that we touched upon the substance of the issues. I mean the right cross examination is a classic right. Not because it's it's fancy and fun and makes for good television but because it you know over the years we've found in the centuries we founded gets at the truth that if you test people's evidence if you test people's testimony mony by allowing the other side to ask questions You can often get at some of the truth of the matter in so by not having witnesses by not having having any process of a basically just hearing a recitation of it You know it's not a it's not a trial it becomes a political process and it reflects lex to a certain extent the political realities of the moment. And so you know you get these senators that are coming out. You know someone like Lamar Alexander exander. Who Says Yeah? He did what he did. We don't we don't need witnesses to prove it. They've proven their case. There's no doubt factually But you know I'm not going to vote for witnesses and I'm GonNa vote to impeach because you know of of basically the politics And so you know that's in some ways the way the process designed to work is that the political process In the politicians that are intended to do follow up with that process process. act like creatures of that they are and the The fact that the House has not brought an appears to not planning and not be planning to bring charges related to The payoff from came campaign finance funds to story stormy Daniels and And Karen McDougal Michael Michael Cohen. The co-conspirator that episode is in jail right. The other co-conspirator individual one is in the White House. That's that that it says to me that maybe there's something that could be pending there but appears to not be and What do you make of that? I mean are are are you at all worried that going to future. Administrations that varies presence will think wow I can do this to You know anytime that there are these These these instances and and I think this is the real danger is that it does set precedents and it does set you know it. It does set the bar for behavior or for expectations You know I think yeah. I saw somewhere posting around basically that if an assist as sword dream scenario That you know if the Democrats should flip the Senate and get sixty seven seats they can immediately impeach and remove Donald Trump without Without having any sort of trial based on the Senate Republican consented precedent. And you know it technically. That's true realistically. That's an impossible scenario. Because I can't imagine a scenario where they would re elect I trump and you know exactly you know I mean that's just it's just silly but but it's it does indicate that you know people will do think that way and and every it's it's it's a physics of politics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Let's bring a caller Fred's on the line from new. Good Morning Fred Ward. Hey is it possible. To prevent impeachment from becoming abuse is a positive positive. Yeah go ahead. Yeah I was just going to repeat the question as possible to prevent impeachment from becoming abused. Yeah do you think it's been abused here in this case you ask me. Yeah Yeah do you. Don't you don't think there should be any Any punishment I mean. The president can't be charged with a crime according to the Justice Department. So you can't do that. Yeah Yeah Yeah but the The Congress the House of Representatives can teach any presidents. They weren't so do that's what they did. Okay just came up. We don't like this guy. We're GONNA impeach him well. I think they had a little more reason than that. At least what they describe he. So you don't buy the idea that he that he basically threatened Ukraine With the cut off of military aid if they didn't produce dirt on the Biden's is that yeah naked. Say anything they can say they could. He abused Congress. That's what they can say. Okay well we used his power. We'll do you believe that. The story about Ukraine is true. Which of which Lamar Alexander family believes? Lisa Murkowski a Republican apparently believes in some of the other Republicans are saying. Yeah he did this stuff but you don't you don't think he did Difficult I mean I I would say I don't know if that's the way politics are desk. This whole thing. Is We when he lent money. Let your politics determine what the facts are in anyone mind. Yeah but that's what other facts you know you get your facts. I've got my facts. I disagree wholeheartedly. I ah the boulder. We're not talking about beauty here. We're talking about daily. Make the phone call does Alinsky. We're talking about. What did he say on the phone on call? We're talking about what kind of what kind of threats were made and you know what are you. What are you going to withhold? What am I gonNA withhold? If you don't do what I what I want you to so Et CETERA. There are to be found here Fred and And and to say that you know there aren't any facts to be found here. I think is just. That's what that's what will really lead us to a very bad place in in American politics if Okay so so basically what's GonNa Happen it's GonNa Happen and you'll have to I. I think that the voters are going to determine the fate of the president. Why can't we let the voters determine the fate of the president of the voters order corrupted me? A president happened and don't when he fell into it does it does bring back the HMO Minkin line that In a democracy the voters get the kind of government they deserve. But you know I guess I would Share Dave's concerned concerned that you know. It's one thing to make a decision such as Lamar Alexander. Lisa Murkowski did. That's you know has has a political bent into it That says okay. The facts are what they are but we don't think this is worthy of impeachment but to deny the nature of the facts. I think it's very well established that you know. This president did threaten and did take action to withhold funds from Ukraine that had been approved by Congress which which she doesn't have the authority to do And he did so for political gain in his reelection campaign Now whether that's an impeachable impeachable offense you know. That's where people start to divide along political spectrum but to deny that that happened. I think you know is is to some extent refuting reality. Fred of Democrat did what Dan just. You just described the exact same set of facts but we're a democratic president using that president would deserve to be impeached teached. There was a Republican House. Represent would be. That would be good thing. You don't Oh okay. At least you're even handed about it so I appreciate that. Hey Fred I gotta go thank you for the call. I really appreciate it Dan I'm I'm just wondering But I I would say to folks by the way There are some people who are Essentially calling the show every day and I got urged people to maybe spread it out a little because we try to let other folks have turn To jump in here to the conversation from time to time and I I don't WanNA mention any names but I'm just reminded very recently about this issue here so okay and the And I it's directly at some of the folks it's out there who may wonder why I don't I don't always Pick up the Pick up the call as it comes in beaches if I already heard very from avert. It's only Tuesday him hearing from somebody. I'm thinking this is going to be five calls this week. Or what's the what's the deal. Sure so it's an interesting conversation. I mean I think people feel passionately differently about it and you know the last caller I think expresses some of the concern that we You know that that is evolving in politics which is a bit it of identity tied up into politics on a on a national level in a in a way that I don't think we've seen in at least in recent history. I I mean I think you can look to pass precedent but You know and I. It's a sports analogy. which is you know? The forty niners lost the Super Bowl. My brother happens to be a huge forty. Niners fan has for decades He didn't stop liking the forty niners because they lost because they made mistakes in the game. Right awesome the game. You know if anything his loyalty drives that much deeper and I think we find I I see it at least anecdotally. You know that people start to identify a partisan Louis with with their politics and it's not about the substance. It's not about the issues. It's about the identity you know this is my president or this is my congressperson. Listen this is my party I really. I really wish it were different. I I wish that we could We could get back to time when when the facts actually mattered. And and you know I if if if a Democrat or you know anybody gets elected and does some of the things. This president has done I would be fully in support of a of holding this president accountable of any party and And that's that's the bottom line for me. That's why I think the facts do matter. It's very important to get to the bottom. Some of them and At follow them where they logically lead. Hey as it happens We are about the top of the hour here on the Dave Ramsey show. WD FM and am and are really. Appreciate Dan Richardson coming in this morning. Thanks so much pleasure and we are going to All Day on this program and be back tomorrow for another edition. Meanwhile stay tuned. 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