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Lie from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi sang U.S. markets and the day with the Dow plummeting more than 970 points that and other major market indices sliding more than two and a half percent and Pierre's Raphael Nam on what's behind the market upset It was a tough day in Wall Street and it comes down to fears about inflation Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell is now indicating the fed needs to be much more aggressive about fighting inflation That's going to mean higher interest rates this year and investors fear those higher rates could take the economy into a recession And piers Raphael naam reporting Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was under cross examination in a Georgia courtroom today defending herself against allegations that she encouraged supporters online to attack the U.S. capitol last year and therefore should not be allowed to run in next month's primary I never mean anything for violence I don't support violence of any kind and I've said it over and over again Green repeatedly denied or said she did not recall videos tweets or retweets about supporting an uprising at the capitol A lawyer cross examining green asked her if the words to Trump supporters to not go quietly into the night were hers or borrowed She and others laughed when he offered to play a famous clip from the humans versus aliens movie Independence Day the actor playing a U.S. president has heard saint humanity will not go quietly into the night by the time the clip ended the laughs had died down Russia's military is openly spelling out the goals of what he calls the second phase of its special military operation in Moscow and pira Charles maines has more According to a senior military official Russia's new objective is to seize full control over the Donbass in southern Ukraine in order to secure land corridor to Crimea That's the Peninsula Russia next from Ukraine back in 2014 when the Kremlin sent its forces into Ukraine in what Moscow said was a defense of Russian speaking crimeans from Ukrainian nationalists Yet the military official the acting commander of Russia's central military district rustam in the Kyiv also said control over Ukraine's south would provide Russian forces with other options that included passage into Transnistria another breakaway territory in neighboring Moldova where minna cave claimed Russian speaking populations also faced oppression Charles mains and Pyrenees Moscow Pennsylvania is the first major fossil fuel producing state to start pricing carbon emissions Rachel mcdevitt the new regulation sets the state up to join the regional greenhouse gas initiative an effort of 11 other states to cut emissions from power plants Pennsylvania is the fourth highest carbon emitter in the country It produces more natural gas than any state except Texas and is a top energy exporter The rule takes effect more than two years after governor Tom Wolfe started the process with an executive order The Republican controlled state legislature has tried and failed to stop the rule Lawmakers say they will now take the fight to court which could delay the state's participation For NPR news I'm Rachel mcdevitt in Harrisburg It's NPR news From W ABE news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Martha Dalton It's four O four Millions of dollars of federal infrastructure money is coming to water related projects in Georgia Molly's Samuel reports U.S. agriculture secretary Tom vilsack visited South Georgia this week to announce the new spending The money will go both towards addressing issues of too much water and also not enough of it There's funding to fix problems caused by flooding in a handful of rural areas There's also money to ease the pressure farms can put on water resources with a program for more efficient irrigation in southwest Georgia Vilsack says it's been a priority to use money from the infrastructure Bill for these kinds of projects When we talk about infrastructure.

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