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That's so fucked. People are destroying Trump's these reasons, but let Kevin Spacey his his star pass. That is so weird. Well, wise, Vince Carter trending Vince Carter son with the hawk, so he's going to play his twenty first NBA season and trae on his only twenty years old. So Vince Carter now has been the NBA longer than trayvon's, but alive. Wouldn't that be awkward? No. For who for like Vince Carter, like I would feel weird that like I'm just surprised in jar of his harder at this point is career like he's not ring chasing. Like if you're at this point, he's played himself into the hall of fame. I think, which I never thought Vince Carter was a hall hall of Famer, but what he's been able to do, but his last few stops have just been crappy team. He put for Sacramento last year. Yeah, trash. And now he's going to the hawks are going to be trash. Like if you're Vince Carter dairy, wouldn't you take like the veteran's minimum to go play Ron? The Lakers surely will broad rather have Vince Carter than lint Stevenson. You think? I mean, obviously think so. Well, why wouldn't anybody just pick up Vince Carter than if he's going to do that, you know, like, where's the place that he will long? You You know. know, it's definitely not on a team with another like it's not wherever Tony Parker is going or wherever you know, like you can't have too old Gia nobly in him. Can't be like hacking it up in a Ford together spread out your old guys, but he also has unique skill set that is still capable. Today's NBA he can so shoot threes. So if you're looking for a guy, come off the bench, maybe play twelve minutes for a contender. I just can't leave. He's going to go play for the hopping. This is how careers like mentoring trae young to not go one of eleven every night. Really bizarre to me. Mentoring trae young to not go one of eleven. Yeah, that's a fun thought. She Kevin love signed for so two guys signed for your contracts yesterday. We still sports podcast share and Todd Gurley sides. Yeah, eight or sixty billion. You sent me a tweet immediately when that happened, four years, one hundred twenty million. That's crazy to have a rough air is another old guy body. They got a lot of money. Go love, don't you, Mike? How will this Kevin love? I think Kevin love is not as old as you think he is. He's just been around a long time having been in the NBA nineteen. So he's one of those guys like little Braun is entering his sixteenth, that'd season, but he's only thirty three years old. So you think it will brought us Jesus Christ project plane forever. Yeah. What about this story? Ryan rails attached to home alone remake whether you're gonna go with the Frazier reboot now. I'm so sick of all these TV show reboots aren't you? They're just bringing back these shows because they're terrified. The people aren't going to watch the new ones and. Don't because they don't leave him on the air long enough for us to care. There's no way to get a tattoo anything anymore. I think about his films on the air now would have got cancelled the first season. It was going to get cancelled after that. Nobody watched it after the first in verse season was like six, five or six episodes. Nobody count the Seinfeld chronicles. Yes, something like that. Almost got booed Pugh measure that came out of its are various comedies ever. So wait a homo own second stoned alone is reminiscent of that Holly hallowed comedy class. It centers around twenty something we growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. He makes the best of things by getting hot. That can't be right. Oh, maybe some of these talking, he's going to produce potentially star in home alone, revise called stoned alone. Thanks. No, thanks. But that's a Christmas movie. We got into whole. Yeah, we already had the diehard debate on the on the the show last week of the Christmas movie that he wasn't there. There was peasy think now they agree with me. Everybody agrees makes for you..

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