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The bank mortgage company entitled company will help create at least some of the money back but she's doubtful to happen anybody else keith eldridge komo news the title company didn't want to comment on the case but the mortgage company says it's definitely looking into it i'll florida panhandle couple line to their son about an illness he didn't have to scam donations abc's todd ant has that story and fort walton breach this scheme was simple the parents told their thirteen year old son had brain cancer so they could use his fictitious illness to raise money for nonexistent medical expenses detective say the parents held a tshirt fundraiser for the boy at his school last may they allegedly set up a gofundme page and shared the bogus cancer story on facebook school resource officers began to suspect the boy was being exploited so they notify the okaloosa county sheriff's office an investigation began 34yearolds ginny along and 47yearold robert long were arrested thursday and charged with one count of child abuse and nine counts of fraud todd ant abc news the justice department is looking to combat human trafficking attorney general jeff sessions wrapped up a daylong summit calling it a high priority for his department a day i was sworn in as attorney general president trump sent me an executive order to dismantle these transnational criminal organizations it is a high priority of hours you can be sure that this includes human trafficking rings session says a prime target is use of the internet as a tool for trafficking children the centre for missing and exploited children reports a ninefold increase between 2010 in 2015 at suspected child sex trafficking largely through internet use the attorney general says trafficking is another reason to boost security along the southern border traffickers and coyotes car porous border as an precarity they kennex exploit often for great profit and they exploit this week is in our security all too easily the conference brought together law enforcement officials medical professionals and representatives from corporations like facebook ups delta air lines and cocacola your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news business news update brought.

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