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That the Michigan football team wasn't even a halfway across the field going back to their tunnel. And here comes the students, you know, students are released onto the field. No. There were interested in protecting the goalpost. Right. So the Michigan football players and coaches, so we already beat them the Gulf Coast challenge. But so I studied that hose watching that that soup of students pile into the onto the south end of the of the field sort of a motley soup and the Michigan football players, and I was waiting for someone to say the wrong thing to a six foot six three hundred pound Michigan player standards have gone up for addition and Ohio State. They don't do that anymore. There's just yeah. I I don't know it back in the seventies and eighties. What would have happened there? But I was kind of surprised by that. And that they're the plate. Michigan play. Players to trudge out and they're being heckled by by the smattering of students that are down there. Chris Alavi another name, they revelation freshman wide receiver went for Austin, MAC it and injured we wouldn't you know, he had two touchdowns and that guys like throwing it in the ocean at he's he's he's there on that blocked. Punt I know that coach Myers said that he was not in favor of that. Because it would take two point what you say two point one seconds to get to the punter and and Greg Shaw, no defensive coordinator thought that Alavi could get there. So did a loving and Alavi doesn't take long to get anywhere. No. He does not come up with. He doesn't take any a year ago. Again, I. I got to figure out who this kid is. But a year ago his team Mission Hills, California squeezed past Torrey Pines twenty two seventeen you talk about. Torrey Pines mission. That sounds like a great place to live great place to to grow up a great place to vacation, and he's in there, and he's burned to a crisp. She got out in the right time. But that implausible blocked punt in the third quarter. I just felt everything just shifted everything just shifted. And I the the the older players are really really high on crystal Lowe, Alavi and my other observation I just felt like Harbaugh's team. Just felt outdated. They just felt like we felt like an old Ohio State team from the nineties playing a Florida state team. Yeah. It was almost like one of the trestle team. You still had the three tight ends in the fullback and all that sort of stuff, and we're just going to beat you with straight up football. Well that works when it's like a twenty mile an hour winds, and it's twenty degrees. And somehow it's raining it that works when that happens. Okay. But you get a nice nice day. Like we had the other day in Ohio State runs the precision offense. Forget about it. They they had the ball eleven minutes longer than we did time of possession over the course of the game thirty five to twenty four minutes because it doesn't take Chris Alavi long to get anywhere. No. But it does feel as though Jim Harbaugh's teams are out just feels outdated. And I think that I did get a kick out of reading the Detroit Free Press and some of the Michigan sports commentators. And you know, th they were saying before the game. He's at a crossroads. Okay, here is he's at a crossroads. If if if he's going to be too high state, it's going to be this a high state team, and it's going to be this Michigan team in it's going to be this day this year, and poof, well, I mean, you can say he's at a crossroads, and that's a nice way of saying, you suck. He doesn't say. If you're in Michigan fan, maybe you feel like Jim Harbaugh sucks. By the way. This is Brad coffee and the general Eric Willison on for the defense. Six ten WTVN. It's eleven thirteen. Coming up in the show. We're gonna talk we're going to talk a little bit more about the high state Michigan game because we just can't get enough of that. And particularly chapped by it all because we kind of started this season with one arm behind her back is the. As the, but where we were kind of everyone was kicking our team the whole country was was kicking our team and we were down before the season even started and coach markets three game suspension. Bogus for. I'm not even sure what we'll talk some more about that intermittently throughout the show, Michael avenue. Get charged with domestic violence. And now, he's feeling the social media pressures of concocted stories bad journalism, bad reporting, he's gotten motives by the dogs he released and are there can there possibly be motivated biased. Reporting going on against Michael avocado. Never know. I'm wondering if Brett mcmurphy might be behind that Michael ATI story since he likes tabloid reckless writing dissolve unarguably football Trump's written answers. I know general you gotta talk. You wanna comment on what's going.

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