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Us at the one reference rate a little weaker than the market had been predicting seven spots zero three one two against the dollar off shore we are a little weak right now down about a tenth of one percent seven spots zero five forty six the dollar meantime pushing higher if you look at the Bloomberg dollar spot were up a tenth of one percent the cost me down one percent ASX two hundred turning negative with the loss of one tenth of one percent similar decline in Shanghai one tenth of one percent let's get global news now from adventures standing by in the Bloomberg nine sixteen user medic all right thank you Douglas south Korean defense ministry says north Korea's fire two unidentified projectiles between the Korean peninsula Japan says it is monitoring for possible further launches North Korea says it will never talk to south Korean officials again KCNA reports North Korea has no thoughts to sit across from south Korean officials nor does it have anything to say to them John is now saying Hong Kong protests threaten the one country two systems arrangement Hong Kong police say they are not aware of any military plans by China and just up on the Bloomberg terminal now first word that Hong Kong billionaire Li ka shing has put up in advertisements in both English and Chinese language newspapers in the city today urging the stop of violence and Israel has barred visitation entry to U. S. congresswoman rishi to play but and ilog Omar due to their support for Israeli boycotts and of Myanmar and Bangladesh have started to rowing a reparation next week the writers reports as they've agreed says a total of three thirty five hundred refugees have been cleared for return global news twenty four hours a day on air in a tick talk on Twitter power by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in San Francisco Ahmed Baxter this is Bloomberg.

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