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Well, let's see how wake the Auburn Tigers are. When they stepped back out on the floor here, but Yeah. After that time out, they might have their change. Rattle a little bit of a Georgia leads a 10 to 4 in case they missed it The first time around. They may have been reminded you're in the time out. Unfortunately, the dog's tie, Fagan picked up his second foul. They're going into the time out. He had the first seven points for Georgia. We get Katie Johnson into the ball game. And Jamal Johnson at the free throw line for Auburn, 64 transfer from Memphis and his free throw is up and in good Into five. Now. Dogs by five on Johnson second free throw around the room a few times before falling through the net, so he had prepared Johnson is 70% stepped up there and knock them both down. It's 10 to 6 Dogs lead and Georgia will have the basketball. Whaler walks it into the front court, right toe left. As we view it. Wheeler gets a screen from tomorrow looks the past right wing to Cairo. We go down low on the baseline due tomorrow. He works against Cardwell and Big Auburn Center's gonna be called for Push file is Shelves tomorrow on the errant shot Mike Nance with the whistle and tomorrow we'll go to the foul on first foul on Dylan Cardwell, 6 11 and 2 50 freshman center. From Augusta, Georgia. But Spent his senior season at McEachern High School after two years of O Kill academy, and the first free throw by Camara.

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