Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump discussed on Washington Today


President trump voting to renew a top foreign intel program the reporting a stephen dining who's on capitol hill thank you for being with us bipolar and earlier today the house democratic leader nancy pelosi made the following comments on president trump you think of donald trump is a very stable genius what difference does it make i think now i mean i'm not going to that place said do you i'm just not been answer questions about his uh i i take issue with a person presenting himself as a genius isn't that does not raise certain questions but i'm not going to go to out he ah his tweets and just not going to their places morning put out two tweets or so undermining of what we were trying to do on the floor in terms of fisons and the rest were like he doesn't even know what the bills are down and he's putting out tweets on more concerned about um what his policies are and how they accept every j americans in their lives of than his zero eu itself the cover story of time magazine out today year one donald trump joining us on the phone is washington correspondent philip elliott and let me begin with the tweets this warning on fis is that emblematic of an issue that this president has had with republicans over the last twelve months what we fall from the white house morning coming an takato birth of the president twitter account completely encounter kwape embody symbolising every frustration congressional republicans had with the president that they think they have an agreement with the white house i think they understand what he needs what he won their with their ready to deliver on him uh the liberal on those uh demand promises rats and then he gets completely take their like that from underneath them that we we really are on a matter of policy that really everyone assumed with the gimme uh for the republican party that the president is now coming out and doing a complete one eighty they befuddling up the national security uh hawk in congress and really just plumbing thing even the.

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