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To this stuff. Fifteen twenty hours a week. This is what you like you like to listen to these hopefully both sides and determine what's right and wrong. I've had situations where I've come out at the beginning. And my initial impression was one way. And when you really look at the details, you're like, wait a minute. Now. This is the other way it happens a lot. Now, it's our jobs. So you know, we have to do it. Most people will actually have real work to do things that actually help the country in like move our economy forward and things like that important things where we get to sit here and blab all day. So we have that luxury of being able to sit here and look at all the stuff all day long and try to figure out the nuance there. Most people don't talk radio listeners are an exception. I think generally speaking because they're willing to spend. I mean, if you're listening to this show, maybe a couple of the other big national shows urine for full-time job listening to talk radio. I mean, we're doing fifteen Russia's doing fifteen headed he's doing fifteen you're at forty five hours. Right. Like, you've spent a good chunk of your week listening to people talk about these issues and break them down and give you different perspectives on and hopefully and at the end of the day, you're going to be a lot more informed than the average person. Who's just not he's not going to follow these things that closely, and you see how this would react if you're if you're flipping through the headlines, you don't look at it. Pictures. You don't watch the video you see transgender person harassed at game. Stop you eight-game stop. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Up. Did nothing wrong there at least as far as the information. We have at this point doesn't seem to have done. Anything wrong was completely the rational actor in that in that situation the game, stop employees. No question. Tripoli seventy seven BBC gates stupor Glenn on the Glenn Beck..

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