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Now the graduating cadets at the U. S. military academy at west point emerge from two weeks of covered nineteen quarantine ahead of president trump delivering Saturday's commencement talk the address will be delivered as a growing number of military figures slammed the president for politicizing the armed forces and amid the clash over Confederate symbols in his recent threat to use federal troops to put down protests meantime corresponding Kerry shoemaker reports trump put out a late tweet to switch the date of this Tulsa Oklahoma campaign rally in a tweet sent late Friday president trump said out of respect for the Juneteenth holiday he would move his Oklahoma campaign rally from June nineteenth to June twentieth trump added he made the decision after many of his African American friends and supporters reached out to suggest to consider changing the date says some states have realized a spike in corona virus cases the CDC put out new guidelines to help curb the spread the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci says preventative measures work you can improve on the economy you can get people back to work and still do the fundamental things like wearing a mask all the time when you're outside of having this physical distance of avoiding the congregation in crowds so as you go forward if you do that you could very well contain and mitigate any spike correspondent Karen K. for reports it appears there is some common ground in Congress when it comes to taking steps toward police reform the parties find common ground and ideas like sharing records of law enforcement officers across states and police forces that better reflect the communities they serve house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy hinted at some compromise with Democrats backing for example a proposed ban on police chuckles I think there's a lot of concepts that we agree.

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