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I can't flip around anyway. It's it's just it's just my tweet deck up and Email and slack, which is like a chat thing to talk with everyone in the back, but that's it. There's no real reason to have this. So I see things and all and all all re tweet. Sometimes there have been times admit, I can't think of one right now that something really serious was happening. God. I wish I could remember and I wanted to laugh. Do you know? I don't know a specific example, but there have been in those moments. There's one time in particular that I was. Oh, Diego Sanchez. Remember that one. Oh, yeah. Who was like forty, five minutes. Ryan heart? Yeah. Yeah, forty. Five minutes. People writing to me trying to get me to lie. They're trying to make it. We have a friend and Evans who tries to get me to laugh with his Simon. Cal. Some reason for the longest time he's been sending me Simon Callow pictures that there's like, you know about this. I didn't know that. Like a six year thing where he sends me like, so let's say he likes it interview. Doesn't like an interview there. Simon, all like facial expression, not just judging on the beach running something. There is a Simon Cowe like expression, reaction to anything. Happy. Sad board, discuss whatever. So he sends me that I sometimes crackup internally, but for the most part, I'm able to keep it together. You do a very good job. Thank you breaking. That was that. Was it for the questions. Worth mentioning, Nick Newell, obviously coming up on Dina. What's contender series tomorrow? Will you watch? Of course? Yeah. Excited about that. I think to be honest, I think he doesn't even belong there like he's he's a guy that I would've signed out, right, but I think he'll have a good opportunity to prove himself in and getting anyway, man. This has been a crazy day digested a lot. Anthony Smith coming at the top of the show. How do you feel about the whole Anthony Smith? Gus of sin DC sunning him not Sunan sunning. He was voided any who was a brilliant move by DC it yet. I thought he'd definitely put him in his place. I would've liked to hear Alex little more. He didn't. He didn't see it or an address or what you leave it tough. That's tough to avoid. It seems like the world was was watching on that one, but hopefully he can put something out soon response to it. Us a perfect opportunity today didn't take it. Hopefully can. I think there's some. I think there's some holes in in DC's recent actions. Look, you call out show gun. Yeah, and he gets starched. Yeah, by somebody else, I think there's an end there that you could criticize or gusts of anybody coming DC that that was a week move in my opinion glove. Wow. I think there's near big Siga. I love DC. Wow. Okay. We need to get one of those pictures, New York, Rick quote that was a week, move idea at it and quote, preserving the Brock fight. But I don't like that as I think there's, there's a scrutiny that could be held. I'll tell you who comes out looking like a million bucks, Anthony Smith Khalil Roundtree gutting for asking for that fight. And everybody referencing that colledge it's been no secret now that Khalil was in the running. They're not much really digest from the Hamburg card other than the fact that you notice that there was a third party sponsor on all the gear didn't notice maybe paying attention. Weird. You think the fed has got a cut of that? I have to guess. No, no victims, good glory was good. Invicta was great. Glory was great. I think victim was was a really good show actually from top to bottom a lot of young fighters kind of making their stamp. But we talked about, I think, Felicia Spencer who score the main event for you. Let's say I will pass on fitting my score for the main event because I worked for the promotion. But I thought that's the type of fight if the results wasn't what people expected. I think a rematch could be an order. It's not like Adam weight is exactly brimming with with up and coming contenders kind of all flat after Hamasaki left a division. So I would be interested in that running back. Both of them were tough to then those tough one to score. Did you. I wasn't..

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