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On coast to coast dock how are you Santos George thank you so much you're the greatest as usual I we keep trying to do huge story broke a couple days ago dock and I. It was the first one I wanted to talk with. You about to get your reaction I know what you're going to say in the study, involved over eleven thousand people one hundred, twelve, thousand, people, and, says omega three, fish, oil, supplements, may, have, little, to, no, benefit, in the fight for heart health what do you. Think of that Well there Guided, of course there's two things that the omega three shows will do for. The heart, number one each, cell membrane each, cell myocardium each one of the muscle cells harbor require omega threes in. His, wall Nasc- wall, on the heart, muscle semi permeable, so nutrition oxygen can get in bad stuff you know also omega threes Are the natural sort, of blood thinner if you will they actually stopped am normal blood clotting, and so when somebody gets a coronary thrombosis coronary arteries. Tops from, Budig stroke of the brain or. Deep vein, thrombosis her legs A Clinton along, whom Mm-hmm This is? Because Fatty acid, deficiency in fact. So many people You have blood clots is just crazy. I would much rather take? The not, doc would you Oh absolutely and Princess Leia from Star, Wars and, she died of carnage. From poses a simple mega-trade efficiency and two days later mother Debbie Reynolds Donald Trump, strokes brain so as not supplement and the same doctors who should, be held responsible. For that and they both died on this early from a simple matrix essential fatty acid deficiency I had a medical doctor on last week who literally, has changed his, practice from straight MD work to where. He's, doing a lot of holistic work and. He says it's the smartest thing he ever. Did doc When you have to praise him because I'd like to see, all medical doctors. Do that I think can do great things for their patients and it'd be moving in the right direction for sure so with this study you would, say continue taking, your own mega three folks it helps you Oh absolutely, omega trees or part.

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