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How'd your laugh is annoying? I really do like it. But like she's kind of high. That's why I like it. Describe my type. Prepare to middle school where I was so embarrassed that I forced it down. And then I just sounded like a man in a very uncomfortable way. Whereas. You're fucking weird, man. It was but it when you scream that's pretty much how my wife laughs. Butthead and she's a tiny blonde. What's her name? Tiffany, tiffany. I love you. Find the reggae version of Kokomo seems to be the only beach boys song that the resin ever. Like, we're not touching that. That makes sense. Yeah. I feel like when you come for reggae, and you're like this white it's like reverse cultural appropriation like taking it back. This affects our brand to lyrically. What did the off the Florida Keys called Kokomo where you wanna go to get away from it? It. Just sounds weird. Look, the Florida Keys are beautiful. Sure. But he lists five more beautiful places. Yeah. Sister mak- twice book, Jamaica, Florida Keys. What about all these amazing international islands? But babe I'm taking you to Florida one name in the beginning. We're going to Daytona. What are you supposed to list of pace places in Florida Rivi redneck shop music video for this at DisneyWorld? Are you seeing? The park hadn't been the hotel was hotel called on there like the grin Floridian nurse. Yes. They hadn't opened yet. And so the cast and crew of video where some of the I guess there. Stay there. Wow. What a story for the background Kokomo. What a fuck in like absolute orgy of fuck and capitalism, like the music video that features a guy from full house was filmed at DisneyWorld song for a Tom Cruise movie written by someone else have formed by this not featuring maybe their most important person. Just like the most amalgamation of just like it's got eleven strikes against it. And dummies love it. I feel like I still lyrically. I'm a little bit offended that he's just told me I want to go to this place. And he's not told me anything about it. Well, he said he wants to take you. He says come on. And then he says why don't he's convincing. You. Why don't we go? And then he's like, that's where you wanna go. What's who am I in the center girlfriend or a person on the street era? Pretty mom. I don't know what that means. You're pretty mama. Did I have a kid with him? My his mother, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter for Mr. love. He don't give a fuck you make your own backstory, pretty mom. Fair enough. I'm just having trouble finding a person that makes sense on also if it's the Florida Keys, you're not really getting away from it all so much as you are just going like that's not an escape. It still Florida got bridges down there. What? What? Drive on a road. Yes. You can drive all the way on a road to key west. I do imagine. And I'm doing some work for the beach boys someone needs. But I would imagine Kokomo is not an island. You can drive to like you gotta take like a pontoon over driven by a guy who looks like me. But like Tanner, I'm imagining place even say. Clock. The beach every week. I'm. Wildly under employed. I don't know what I was gonna say white trash or something putting a huge lead onto white look. Guy say it with such pride white. I'm proud boy. We're gonna release just that. Upcoming Kokomo is the kind of place where it's like when you put it in the map. It leads you to a man who just tells you to drive into the water, and when you drive into the water like under the water is Kokomo. Oh. There. Yes. Yeah. I get it. That's pretty sick dreams. Like this. Sure. I think it's worth six days. Seven nights was filmed what Anne Heche movie with. No, I haven't seen any movie, you know, this feeders. Maybe any movie like legendarily you've seen every oh you've seen eight movies. One hundred times I've seen very few movies a lot. And I know a lot about a lot of movies, and I've seen none of them. Why don't you knock six Tania's off your list and just watch a few other films? What if I need to recall facts about time that's fair? That's true. Yeah. No room for godfather. 'cause I gotta watch. I Tanya again. Oh, I've seen the godfather haven't seen godfather part to get to it next clip..

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