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Really our it did predict to look what the back half of his curse going to be like ray agree showman is a huge hay it's grain surprise out that if he got nominated for that i wouldn't have been offended well that would be a problem because he is not good in it but the reality is say at least as lithuania is good it does put him to blake the best use so you think janko is so good yet you don't think any of the actors should have been nominated i think dicaprio serb another nothing jamie fox should and i think seattle l l labs in samuel l jackson should have been number we're at we're getting the same were none of the ordinary emulate jackson and jamie fox or not nominate well that's a thing so jamie foxx i'm giving you the hugh jackman spot here that's fine gina product together form pre i've seen day lewis and protecting phoenix what denzel cooper so that fifth spot could be jamie foxx any fox it could be jake jilin han and no end of watch i wouldn't do that but i i i support you as you you know as a jake jilin hall i'm a huge among end of watch fan i think that's been as the years pass kind of though though lost one that gain steam david eyres career is not aides that will during her them about meet suicide squad amid bright last year he at that time i was like this guy might be the new michael man that was kind of what was the paddles move this year good time good time that was kind of the good time of that year yeah it was on the radar and every elected and injuries repulsive i mean he was he did a thing to where he was kind of iterating on found footage and what horror movies were doing at that time and tried to applied even though he broke the ends of it a lot better than the other you about that movie by the way that is no the found footage thing that was that movies big flawed near everything else worked except for that the cops are good ideas.

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