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They brought some fans the exhaust away so that's the simply of cars if you wanna ticket for sunday i think it's twenty five bucks if you buy them online thirty bucks at the door and i think kids under twelve or free now but it's a charity event the whole thing's charity fundraiser because that's the part i keep forgetting shin that all of it is is is going to various charities not just one it's the same arena rotary the marching band it's also the main recipient is the pasadena humane society and they bring out a mobile adoption center and they have dogs and cats they're to be adopted and then the show catch them pretty significant check every they're pretty proud of they run it lean and mean as they say and they're able to really somebody shows you know they have so much expenses and they say and we gave the art league a nice donation you find out it was like twelve hundred bucks or something right same remoter classic really really been able to allow for chair of the they said they've they've krone that you're talking about the size of concord compared to pebble beach i think this is the second largest behind penalty show me some pictures from last year max pat hit gyco then i wanna talk to you about i want to focus on what's important which is can i buy beer there must i bring my own beer they're going to be sloppy joes for sale what how does the food truck what's going on with food and the beer okay it's funny that you ask that because his telling sean just like a day or two guy said philip the trunk of the mirrow with here cheifs that case let me tie gyco everybody's got a to do list trump enough dry cleaning your picking up some milk now you can add save hundreds of dollars in car insurance to that list you don't have to drop off or pick up anything if you just go to geico dot com and fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance so if you want some extra money in your pocket this is the most rewarding to do you can do today go to geico dot com.

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