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The great men and their little suit. That's exactly right. Remember you are the members of stealing Weller. They were Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. Okay. Ariel, who's interested, gone faster, joined the band to Doobie Brothers for a while. Because guess where you realized because we're a band that weren't a touring now. They were just a student studio. They really start. If you ever see them in concert, it'll only be obviously Becker dead. But if you ever seen the concert is pretty fantastic. Donald Thinking is, you know was never performed. Thiss music was meant to be recording played on the radio. Even skunk just sat there and played guitar, but I saw quarter arena. In San Diego. They pulled this big curtain and blocked off headquarters because not many people would Rob Keller's yesterday. He's the CEO of a company called Arrow A Y Our O. That's also their stock symbol on NASDAQ. Guero. Hey, has been in this transportation business for many, many years serving as president of Segway. You've heard that a CZ well, Asti three motion. We actually interviewed T three motion many many years ago. If I'm not mistaken, it was the three wheels sort of was that I was right. Rod was at a three wheel type deal. Remember that correctly Thie T three law enforcement prosecutions, shopping centers, grocery sports venues. Paul Blart mall cop drove. So talk to me about About this world of Tesla and batteries and TV's. That's only helping businesses like yours. But also, you know, just the fact of how many cars are on the road. Is there going to be a day when we see A an arrow. Ask car on the freeway. In your opinion, you know, I would say if you if you do see a consumer vehicle must its a good ways out. We're trying to say very specifically focused on commercial purpose. Build vehicles. I mean, you protest 12 years, probably quarter. But the market cap that come together over $100 billion now, so I think it's hard to argue that have TVs material or materialized. Now there's a market really. It is. And it just helps us. In fact, you may have read test was actually decide. They're going over the Gigafactory to build their truck here in Austin, Texas. So it's interesting on Gladys. I'm glad I have a friend in Austin because my daughter goes to school there, love Roger. You're not now you know your uncle Rod, but that's a lesson and staying in your lane. Is it not? With respect as the businesses and I think you should talk about that, for those entrepreneurs are listening to us as well as shareholders. There's a real lesson in to stay in your lane, no pun intended center in the transportation businessman because you could get the ambitious and go in that direction. But it's not going to serve your serve your strength right now, is it No, it's not one of the silver linings Cove. It isn't now you know, you know the universe you're faced with. How do I get in food and beverage to students without asking grand into a dining hall now are vehicles of is a perfect complement to that challenge. One of the large club car dealers coming called Gallery carts out of Colorado. They built a hot and cold food box drops on top of our platform, and now you could places across campus campuses, strategic locations. The students are changing classes. So rather than four students to come to food, we take food of the students now. Yeah, that's so Let's talk about the opportunity. So first of all, just because we kind of skipped that altogether. How are you guys doing during covert Isn't air you still Feeling like you're moving the ball forward. Orders have been significant changes as a company and as a CEO of a public company with respect. I think the demand is there, but it's all it's all on hold because obviously there's a lot of question about Where the university get funding, in fact, for a period of time during the first few months of code that there wouldn't be anyone at university to receive anything if you shifted, But the demand is there we begin to see freed up, I expect is going to be a very, very strong 2021. Well, there has to be because it was talked about before you came on the air with us. It's a $4 billion problem, not having collegiate sports not having And that's just that's just the SportsCenter. And there's also the issue of what we talked about the college experience and so on and so forth, because kids are getting the same college experience being cause and that's the end. That's the argument for opening schools back up long as it's safe, are you Do you think that you're going to see as the economy opens up? Suddenly, the order piping pipeline hits you exponentially, And if so, That is, That's a good problem. Having a bad problem at the same time, is it not mean we think quality problems have so a lot of the demand that we've got is just on hold because you said, you know, a lot of a lot of funding inside big universities is all a function that comes from big athletic programs like right here in Unity and Austin. So I think is they get cleared around how they're going to fund some of the stuff they're going. They're going to let go of the throttle and a lot of demand has been up. Gonna get delivered next year. Hey, Rod, I gotta ask you, So let's say that pent up demand hits and I know there's a lot of companies that haven't thought about this and you're one of them that has Only in doing research on you guys. You have the manufacturing capacity. That's it. That's the thing that's a big deal between you and competitors and maybe some other verticals out there. Yeah, we do. In fact, one of the advantages I think we've got is a cz we bring in. I refer to him as they are fits almost and that they're 40% of the finished. Like duty truck that we build. We bring it in from our supply chain out of Asia. We do all final assembly in Austin cost of adding additional lines only about $80,000 and we can build up to 600 vehicles per month. How long's it had six rock? What is the like from from inception to delivery. You identify a client. He needs a specific type of vehicle on. We're seeing some really good footage. If you're watching and listening to some radio radio, All you have to do is just going to be busy dot com will have this length of our website. But from from inception of fruition, you have a criteria specific vehicle to make. What's the turnaround time from from from the word go.

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