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Didn't get the memo I. Know we had to go all white today. Yeah I'm looking for a clean Chris look for fall. So actually, it's just I haven't bothered to nail up the all the pictures and stuff that I have for this room. So that's that's honestly what it is. Donald Hall is we are taking the Scandinavians for hundreds of years I've tried to fight winter depression by keeping things bright and light inside and clean militia just on that trend. Advice here just go get some three hooks and just start sheriff. And just throw some shirts on and that seems to work pretty well for me and my wife Aids what are you GonNa do Let's talk about this LLC Galaxy Game L. Traffic Oh, we don't have the fans. We know that that makes it even more magical about L. AFC from being a team that we were thinking. ooh, something's not quite right. Now seem like a team that are kind of terrifying Carlos Vela and hose Maria, Anna Lot of verve attacking wise and some solutions defensively. Either getting most of their of court back in so you know it's been a rough few months I think for. The they've certainly not been at the piece I expected them to be coming into the season but given all of the injuries the weirdness that is twenty twenty international absences. It's Kinda understandable why it they haven't been quite as dominant as they were last season and like you said, they're getting most of their key players back now and so it looks like they can and ride this into the playoffs potentially in. You know who knows maybe something pretty strong. I was under the impression maybe I was completely wrong clearly I was completely around that maybe they would kinda hold back on Carlos Vela and say twenty twenty is kind of a wash. Let's not rushing back. Let's make sure that he's OK. However, you followed sort of his recovery process where's he at really and is he ready to be back in the starting lineup anytime soon? That's how they're going to approach the next you games. For Carlos it's going to be kind of easing him back into the lineup I imagine maybe he'll get a start decision day possibly but probably you know working up to fitness bringing up bench getting him some minutes I thought he looked really good on Sunday..

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