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Sometimes I wasn't sure if it was humor, Abby, you're awesome. I just received the shipment confirmation of dinosaur empire, volume one. I look forward to reading it with my five. Year old. Keep up the great work. Travis, Travis one. I agree that Abbes. Awesome. And to your awesome. I'm sure you'll in your grill. They're gonna love abbey's book because me and my four year old totally did. Thank you for your Email. Yeah, thank you. Thanks. Travis. Doesn't feel like that long ago, Kelly, but it was almost a year ago we had on the show now it was a year ago the eclipse remember. All right. Molly. I got about the eclipse. Podcast eclipses clips. It did. All right. His car. Great tweets. We just butterfly in the sky initiate twice as high protocol. Lavar Burton, like it was good moment for everyone all on the internet. Hey, what do you have for us? Man, I end up of my favorite types of reviews, five star review. From what platform. Good question. And I tuned review five star. I tunes review. We like those. We'd love them. We know who left the review. It's by Dr. Carl Sagan, what a live and secretly tunes somewhat amazing. He may have this from the actor universe, the other side of the black hole, other galaxy, not really sure what he put it on the golden disk, Voyager being back from cloud ad like that carry the vest. Well, what car? I'll have to say about our show very nervous. I mean, he's a criminal. You know, he's a preeminent and science popularizer. So I really hope a thoughtful and well reasoned critique of what we're doing here, take Hewlett sort of. Did give us five stars. So that's already. Already metoo. So Dr Carl Sagan says the title of his his or her review. Its review is a whole episode about terrace oars question Mark. Exclamation Mark question market Flemish Mark. You can start Tara bang, double the terrifying, double integral bang, terro Bank that we don't. We don't have time. We don't have time. What's the review. You're just confusing. Me bang. And Dr Carl Sagan says, sort of just enough science nonsense and tasty beverages so that I feel like I am at the bar hanging with my geo colleagues until Tara sewers. If you haven't tuned into listen to episode two eighty five, where Kevin and Ryan and Juliana the down to talk about territories in the sky, then you should head on over to signed sort of dot com and have listened to it. 'cause it was awesome as evidenced by this five star review. And if you think that Juliana drops off towards the end of that recording, it's not because we were excluding her because she had played to breed therby rotor belts that we and fell asleep at the table. Star review, but we finished the podcast, but we didn't really keep asking a question. So Dr Carl Sagan. Thank you very much for.

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