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Com. You must've been busy couple with Chris Broussard, and rob Parker. We're breaking this down. What else? Rob Parker doesn't want. You. I'll say I think they might have made a mistake. I understand the law of LeBron fisa franchise. A proud franchise is one a lot of championships. And now they're looking at and made the playoffs in five years did not in that conversation anymore. Lebron wants to right? Lebron wanted to come to L A. I get all that split the core. And the young guys that they have I'm not so sure if LeBron comes here and does it win these four years and there are some casualties. Like LeBron says, okay, we need to give it a Ingram. We'll get rid of this guy or whatever it is to try to help them win. And then they don't win this whole thing because they have some young guys who I don't know they won thirty five games last year. If you would let Lonzo play. Could you see niche running up and down like attract new fan just bra for sixteen years in the league? And even. When he was younger. He doesn't play. He don't play it. And that's what they do. So now you've got to figure it out. We got a slow down. This is not workable abroad, looking splits. The second half numbers part is good as his first half. I dunno Chris tired as you slowing down. You know what I mean with all the mileage on him? So an executive now again, it's eight games. I got an executive. I was talking about today. Well respected in the league. He said he does think the Lawson step to get the rest of what the couple podcast by searching odd couple that is always you can listen to the odd couple with Chris Broussard, and rob Parker weekdays at seven pm eastern Pacific right here on Fox Sports radio. Let's go. It's the Ben maller show. New even Hugh Jackson somewhere in suburban Cleveland had to be laughing. Watching this game saying I would have done a better job. I should come back to coach the raiders. Coach the raiders no we didn't play defense. But at least we're we're somewhat competitive. This is a referendum on John group. And it grew the did not have a ten year contract. This is the kind of performance. You know, what you get today after performance like this in professional sports. You get a pink slip is what you get when you're the head coach it reminded me of years ago when I covered the NBA coverage morbid clipper teams, and every once in a while they would get so upset with the coach they would have a couple of these type games in a row, and they were doing it as a rebellion as.

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