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I put united states of tara in the same bucket. I might put california. -cation fairly unfair. I highly recommend united states of tara. Okay well i okay. I highly recommend young adult. It's got shirley seren she's great. Okay young oh for sure. Yeah i think i saw young adult. I think i did. And it's been a while it's a good airplane movie. It's a great. If you're on a plane young adult will get you halfway home. You know most kind of Recently diablo cody. Won the tony for best book of a musical for jagged little pill. That's right that's right. Yeah you oughta know. You're you're forgiven. One hand my pocket. The other one was looking up her awards. Yeah you're definitely uninvited. And you think i was in the front row. You'd think i would know. Oh my god. I am a very sympathetic character. Yeah would be good. Glad you didn't stay in your house. You know. I was hoping you would say that you're joining you soon. I don't need your congratulations but I looked up a few things myself you now. You know. i'll teach you all this eighty steps. How to appreciate diablo cody. I can't handle it. I need no pressure over cappuccino. No pressure god. We're cats. I know all the main stage episode all it ever hearing this. This isn't matriarch on. I know they're all hearing this. They're hearing how terrible people who hate. Listen to this podcast. Just head to listen to that. Yeah well i did. Just see a lantis at the hollywood bowl and lived my best life. I was surrounded by only gay men and women in their forties and fifties. I was like these are my people. I'm not sure. I want the world to be populated with anything else. There might be some exceptions. I'll take applications but it's a nice. That's a nice crowd. You know it was so good We were friends with everybody. And everybody knew the words With like a couple of exceptions that were dragged there by their partners But man it was so it's worth just going on a little jagged little pill ranch. Sure cody work. I'm glad you won that tony. Yeah good for for ricky in the flash. It does it. Does i which you know. He's still haven't seen All i know is kids again. Yeah but good for i mean. She's now one she's one okay so she's won a tony. She's one and academy award. Has she won a grammy or an emmy yet. No she didn't win any emmys all right. Well she's she's on her way. She's on her way. She is underway. Yeah she's got her on the line. Someone say that she probably should have done something for united states of tara. I mean not having seen it. I believe you..

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