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Contain this virus talks over a new Corona virus relief bill in Congress remained bogged down as CBS's Skylar Henry tells us in addition to disagreements over the amount of enhanced unemployment benefits, both sides are at odds over the Democrats demand for more state and local funding. President Trump has called state and local funding proposals a bailout. Fire is killed a corona virus patients at a hospital in western India officials say an electrical short circuit appeared to be the cause of the fire in the city of Ahmedabad. The search continues in Beirut for victims of Tuesday's massive explosion that damaged much of that city. The death toll there isn't 137 with Mohr than 5000 now reported injured. GCS is gone, but people are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm. W W. A Y TV's tenor Barth reports from North Carolina. This is just devastating. Ah, heartbreaking scene still lingers. Days after Hurricane Zaius ripped through the community of Oak Island Living car stranded in homes torn apart on homeowner says they've never seen anything quite like it. This house was built in 1969 and we went through Floyd and All these other hurricanes over all those years, and this is the worst damage that we've sustained The storm. Scattered cars as far as the eye could see, was killed at least nine people from the Carolinas to New England Democrat Joe Biden has joined President Trump in scrapping plans to accept their party's presidential nominations in a convention speech. While both campaigns say the candidate's plan to give a speech remotely no formal details have been announced, Mr Trump is headed Might like to give his at the White House, but that raises potential ethical questions on Wall Street. Never miss a moment. Top news from w T o p 24 73 65. Listen on air on Alexa and on the W T o p AP w T.

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