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Of political ads the cost how they pay for it and the candidate or ballot measure at issue all of that must be available to the public upon request ferguson says both facebook and google or not complying even though there's been nearly five billion dollar spending the state to advertise politically on those platforms in the past decade i'm joe ramsey i'm ed hartley and judith jenkins on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k k o b rush limbaugh is next at ten you cannot escape the crap on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k k o v the polls are open here in new mexico and they will be until seven o'clock tonight i'm bob clark it's our first primary here in new mexico since the major ruling from the new mexico state supreme court in february of two thousand seventeen that indeed our states closed primary system is constitutional and not overly burdensome however the state supreme court made it clear the state legislature can always pass a bill to change that it doesn't preclude the state legislature or the governor from finding a way to change the system and in fact our secretary of state magnitude lasagna her when she was with the wish she was the bernalillo county bernallio county clerk she actually was opposed to the open primary system but now she's supports moving toward in an op ed in the santa fe new mexican yesterday because basically the way the numbers look right now one in four almost one out of every four registered voters in new mexico not eligible to vote in the primary 'cause they're not democrats republicans and in this case this year not registered libertarians so she wrote i support a modified open primary model that would allow independent and minor party voters to choose one major political parties ballot to mark in the primary election democrats would still vote in the primary democratic primary republicans in the republican primary and then libertarians in this case the sheer vote the libertarian primary the only change every independent or minor party voter which use one primary major party ballot the cast and under the definitions this comes under the category of a semi closed primary in twelve states have a system like that right now alaska arizona colorado iowa kansas massachusetts new hampshire north carolina rhode island utah and west virginia wouldn't be a wide open primary where.

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