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Let the holiday cheer wash over you Jim Shannon CBS news it's four fifty whether you gather every ten minutes on the five stars busy morning get there that's for sure after a slow night people are starting to get out and about and not a whole lot of volume out there but just enough for you to get into trouble like in the mid city area want to think a tipster for let us know when the ten west before Washington Boulevard that pick up truck versus a car that's been shoved over from the Middle East to the right shoulder so that is open for you to get through as a matter of fact this is check to see how things are going there and still seeing some slowing though slow to recover their your slow from just after the la Brea offramp to Washington probably a lot of people just looking to see what the heck was slowing down in a guardian on the westbound side of the one oh five at the north one ten a car of the right shoulder embankment of the connector road and other vehicles over on the right shoulder I'm not seeing a hardly any slowing there at all right now and then in studio city on the one on one north before laurel canyon Boulevard a disabled big box truck this block in the middle lane and then a Santana couple things going on Santana Tustin seventeenth street on ramp from the north bound fifty five a car with a flat tire the person outside trying to change that tire then crash in Tustin on the five of the fifty five one I think it's after for that as well then I'm also seeing some slowing on the twenty two east to the five fifty five north connector don't know what's going on there but some is that supports coming up at five oh five I'm least hours for traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio highs today in the upper sixties then rain hits tomorrow and Thursday for thanksgiving and we'll have a Lowe's overnight forties and.

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