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Welcome back to the sunday. Sit down podcast now. More of my conversation with jane creek hausky. So you're talking about your parents jersey working in the theater. It seems to me completely inevitable that you were going to do what you're doing right now. Which is to be on stage and unscreened because of all those influences you talked about. Was there ever a moment along the way where you. We're gonna like be an accountant. Was there ever anything else on the radar for you or was it like. This is who. I'm going to be well. You didn't see my grades. So i knew very early on. I needed to hold my personality. I think anything else. Not really. I mean i. I grew up with a very practical father who always was worried about the rainy day for me and so we looked into other things you know. I thought for a while. I want to be a lawyer. That was never really gonna fly some other things. I thought i would want to do but i was lucky enough to get to get yes to get to get in And yeah and i say i just feel like i've been lucky enough to to be challenged by it. All these years to to still love it to still be ignited by at all And i really there's been there's been years writing get work and times in our career where we're hiring or not hiring or the right musicals are being done or you're just like two inches too short to be opposite the leading or many many weird reasons that we don't get jobs in show business and those those can knock you down but I don't think there's ever a moment. I really wanted to do anything else. And things happen really quickly for you. I mean you're you're on a soap opera where you're how do you know all this did you do. It's all. it's all pipe into my ear inn. Now tinier worlds. You're nominated for emmys your vacation. Because vicki everybody loves like you're getting good stuff early. Doing good work..

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