Congressman Kelly, Congressman, Facebook discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - Gunman Opens Fire On Congress, Targets GOP Leaders, Republican Rep. Steve Scalise In Critical Condition


Well uh i haven't and and uh i think most of us realize that at this point uh his his family needs to be with him a we're checking on him as often as we can to to get an update on his condition but i'll say this about uh uh steve scalise he's one of the finest people no one of the nicest guys and and and a guy that's constantly encouraging everyone and so i encourage everyone all your your your viewers to to pray for him for his full recovery and for for a matt uh a mica who was shot in the in the chest now i know you're talking about how initially if congressman kelly may have been who he was was targeting and then it became more random and an early on of course she saw him she congressman scalise you know the shooter did have at best social media presence congressmen and he had made a congressman about a comment about congressman's elise in a post back in 2015 he wrote on facebook here's a republican that should lose his job at they gave him a raise do you think that from what you saw that he then targeted scholarly specifically or you really felt that way with kelly and then sca lease was in the more random part of the fire i really don't know after that initial shot because when i when he fired his weapon and uh trent kelly turned toward him he his weapon was wanted directly at trapped in as i say as we were trying to make her way to cover a wasn't looking back to see where he was shooting and and uh uh so i i really couldn't say whether or not he targeted um the the uh y you talk about what kind of a a man congressman scalise is and last week impact as a reporter for rollcall spoke with him because obviously you all take this baseball game very seriously main ericans may not know about it but it is a big deal you play at national stadium of course it's going to be tomorrow night he spoke to that reporters about why this game mattered so much to him and here's what he's that people by nature and would you get to go out the majorleague ballpark and play a play kid's game there's nothing like it a lot of fun camaraderie round here too.

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