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And the other thing i'm thinking about rightly i mean when we went on you'll have i been pointed was like it was drop oaks than it was the other one was tumbler drop oxen tumbler those are not small brand while they were at the time i signed up sure but it's not like some dodgy company that's in the black horta some we were you not going to be able to find them so my question is not can of retrospectively do you actually have a legal claim against those organizations will being for having pointed data and i wonder whether that's the case because what's the object to having a site where you can actually see that and if you do does that applying all jurisdictions including us here in in africa which i think is an interesting notion because what you do that information was just good to know so i'm really excited about the imminent enforcement off the protection of personal information act so i mean to answer your question amsoil africa i'd argue a relative to most of the rest of the continent is attempting to get up to speed with you know more developed regimes in in places like the european union and america and yeah for that reason i'm quite excited about these laws coming on line because it does speak to how well protected you are a women fact you are not just compromise but you know you are disadvantaged monetarily you otherwise from preaches them and related issues right now i think broadly speaking african citizens are arguably more vulnerable than many places in the world and dr policymakers listening to us ride now look into it mmhmm absolutely once again stark reminder bitter reminder nonetheless yeah as not encouraging in fact that this is a likely a government database that was breached in which case.

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