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Being paid back over paying back or maybe which is here to join with souls who we've known before you have a beautiful experience together some of it can be good you've got a programmer a method called relief what is that it really affected that developed by you yes I wanted to name a the process the steps of what I've really been doing with people the whole time I've been in private practice so I put an acronym on it and so relief basically outlines the steps the first thing people have to do is recognize the source even then of where their anxiety or the trauma actually began and this is where I am finding myself as a last resort because they've gone to the doctor they've gone to this there is they've gone and and this and that and they're eventually going to realize that unfortunately that thing may have happened a thousand years ago once we get them once I'm convinced sometimes they take him back and I have to take a bit further and further and further until I'm sure that we've got back to that first event that all have eliminate the emotional charge around certain events using it energy healing Ivan imagine whatever it is it's causing that distresses accord between them and that we can cut the cords and just basically eliminates the charge for that light in the frequencies light of the situation integrate what they've learned by on Alaska so what lessons did you learn here how does this apply to what we're doing now energize again eight I use techniques that have developed using healing and also the sound of my voice to take things from there eat like lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter usually voice in a list the energy around certain situations so that these kind of shifted out of the old pattern and they're into a better later reality and then the final step is taken out into a future memory in their current lives with a C. themselves happy healthy everything's working out for them and the issue is completely myself you've got a book coming out in may and you are ecstatic about it because it's about your favorite thing paths yes past lives with hat now tell me about that give us a little preview on that one people you know you don't come to see a past life regression just because you've had an issue with your dog obviously you know Pat give us a chance to really understand unconditional love and so in this book there are clients who had a pleasant surprise during past life regression when they discovered they had known their dog before or if you've seen the movie or read the book the dog's journey it's about a dog who this same dog keeps reincarnated being over and over again with the same family so in the book there's actual he does wanna let go dizzy now now because it's a soul contracted so in the book there's a real clients who had their paths returned to them in many many lifetimes and then of course we've got a few people who we call their past lives as animals and a lot of the things in that book also address the the love that we have our little fuzz balls and we know when our little animals pass away it can be very very traumatic speaking of trauma and so there's a lot of exercises in that book for Greece has anything to catch a fine of pets when you were small did you get bitten by a dog or something I and one of my big white things when I was four years old I was playing in the yard of my uncle and supposedly I was not doing anything to add this on I cannot say that with one hundred percent certainty but that's what family has told me I was just playing on the swing set the dog was older and I think sometimes dogs do get senile but somehow I was attacked by the dog I did get a bit a piece of my nose that not only that if you park in my temple and so I don't remember the actual attack that I do remember laying in a hospital with this all doctor and he's a light so over my head and so for for my whole life I have been deathly afraid of dogs like shaking way deathly afraid to come by you and you would be just quivering when you yes I can't or I try not to look at them I don't hear them barking and I guess you know this happens with a lot of people with different kinds of trauma I mean is it is it causing you not to be able to work no of course not so I think a lot of these things get pushed down by people and you know you just go back to your daily business and for years and years I just said yeah fine hold on Charlie were a two year break but we'll come back and.

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