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You know, because I was talking about where is Goldberg, but the Oscar the first goal. No one cares about that. No, I know, I know. But then, you know, listen to one after 90 minutes, you know, with a big chance to win the first Premier League after so many years. You know, those fun minutes unbelievable. I think I have no words to describe that moment. What was the amazing? You know, with the chime and you know, I love Libya. Very good. Riley, what was it like playing against the playmaker like Raquel meet? Oh boy. Such a naturally talented player. And mercurial. You didn't really know what you were going to get from the tail now until they've all got to his feet and then you knew full well, how incredibly talented he was. Half of the time his shoes were on time when he was playing. This guy's doing a slow jog around the feeling you're thinking. We got him, and then he got on the ball. And you didn't have him. He had you. He was in full control. You were not. He was outstanding. He was special. I was absolutely amazing. You can go on YouTube and watch so many clips on him and you can spend hours watching him. You know, what videos of him because he was absolutely fantastic. The true genius, true genius. Because of his personality, sometimes confrontational, sometimes just he didn't quite understand what his perspective was. He became somewhat unpopular, but the guy on the field was incredible with the ball at his feet. He said you followed him, of course, when he was here. Yeah, and he was a curious player as well because everything happened slowly. Yes, but it happened very quick at the same time. So you have this sense that he's not really making an effort. He's not really trying and then boom. They play the part that everything would open up. Everything would be clear, and you get this sense that it's all chaotic, and then it'll be given sense every time the ball came to him and he was just a brilliant player. It's true that at the end of his time at the reality didn't end well. Partly because of that character that you're talking about partly because of the sense of kind of confrontation with the club's president book, but what a footballer. Sorry about the Olympic Games back in 2008 in Beijing in China. It was Raquel Messi. He went and timber sorry de Maria and aware of front. He was just someone calls up later. Did he score in that QPR game? Yeah. The first gold people are people forget about come on. People forget about it. Lovely to watch these four guys. Incredible. Did you win gold? Yes. It was serial killer Romero. Did you win gold? Ah, sorry. Gold medal. The gold medal, we won against Nigeria the final. Where's your gold medal now? Do you have a good in my house? I call like a museum. I'm disappointed. I thought you were going to undo your shirt. I would wear it everywhere. Never take it. That's simple. Simple no. Pablo is Argentina winning the next World Cup. So it's going to be difficult. I think so many people want messy. To win the World Cup. Come on. He went absolutely everything with the club. You want copper medica, I don't think the World Cup's going to be massive for him and of course I went Argentina to win but it's going to be tough. It would be as big as a gold medal, though would it? Man, we've been very close in Brazil. Yeah. We lost to Germany. I remember. We were there. Yes, equine. Okay, to see it, goodness, man, this is one of you. And all your years in Spain, who is the one player you thought would make it to the top but didn't. Wow. Yeah. I don't know the answer to that. Yeah, that's tough. I'm trying to think of a player that really play that really stood out and we all thought was going to be great was Jesse and it hasn't really happened around Madrid. He was the outstanding player in that realm of youth team. Yeah. Bill Matt is hard to think of a really obvious candidate. Romeo maybe? Yeah, Rapinoe. Yeah, I've got his debut against Cardiff, his debut for Real Madrid was extraordinary, genuinely had never seen anything like it. And actually, to be fair, I'm going to slightly defend robina here. I think he was seen as a complete failure. I don't think he was. I think it was the wrong team the wrong time for him and perhaps didn't reach the level people expected, but he's still did things that were different to other players, did things that were better than other players. Who would you prefer as a next door neighbor party wise, rabino, or can I wear them? I just prefer to stay in the other side. What was that like when he came in? Well, imagine it was massive signing man city to pay 45 million at that time. He was ridiculous money. He came from brand Madrid. And it was basically when everything just started. And it was really good in training. For the Premier League, you know, for intensity of the game, it was different. You know, in England, you know, you know, you have to run up and down during 90 minutes, very direct. And he wanted to fall into fit every single time. Right. He came in January and he was like to pick character. It was different and they were sharing the same position and you know he was like big competition for Robinho when when Bella became. Because he was really good at that time. Yeah, that mindset I imagine was completely different, yeah, because and obviously elano and other Brazilian was there. More Brazilians. But I mean is that presumably like I've seen ravina was good last season. He's got a few great goals. He's got a game Chelsea. He's deviated for Manchester City. Right. With three gig. But yeah, I really enjoy my time with Rubin. Look at that. Look at that. I don't know how well you can translate this joke, but there was a joke that used to go round in Madrid when rovinj was there, which was why the people call Robinho the triathlete. So he runs. He does the step over and then nothing happens. He's the climb out the window around Madrid to avoid the media and to be fair he wasn't the only one. Quite a few other kids. Okay, final one. Pablo with company and aguero receiving statues outside of the Etihad, how devastated are you not to receive? You're going to receive a figurine. Well, definitely I'm not like these guys. I'm always say that for me Silva aware and company that were like different to the rest. These three guys, they were like the core of the team. They've been there for so long. They brought too much success into the club. So I'm so pleased and so happy that the cloud give them to have this tattoo. For me, I always say the same when the game of the firewall last came at the Etihad for me that was a great moment, very emotional and I have to say that for me, that was enough. Maybe like an executive bathroom. So we could get the stature of you. Pop around to Ecuador's house, and leave it in the garden and when he turns up. I tell you what. A bobble head. You get a bubble head. That's it. Thank you very much. Thank you. We will be back tomorrow for more. Thank you as always for your tweets. Be sure to join us tomorrow as we can continue to count down to our classico this Sunday. Team is called please raise your right hand. She was the darling of Silicon Valley. Magazine cover after magazine cover. But now, accused of massive fraud she faces decades in prison if convicted, and continues to maintain her innocence. This is not fake to me. This was a product that didn't work. I'm Rebecca Jarvis, and for more than 5 years, my team and I have been following the case of Elizabeth Holmes, and we're here to guide you through every development of her trial. From the new evidence presented in court to how the jury might react to her new life. New episodes of the dropout available Tuesdays wherever you listen to podcasts..

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