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So much that worked out great. Elia suspected that it was a Blondie with chocolate chips, which I think is potentially could be nailed that. Yeah. And then the second night I got tapioca pudding, which I think is for grandma and grandpa and the sugar free chocolate mousse, which is definitely for grandma and grandpa. The sugar free chocolate mousse just has such an artificial after-taste from the sweetener that abiocor puddings not bad if you like tapioca. It's just it's just a weird texture. Talk me through your guys experiences you guys go. I, I'm very, mine was very, very simple. Yeah, I had the cookie bar, loved it, yet it if they offered it all the time and got rid of this fucking like Proser brownie bite, wait. So this is like a seasonal offer. You don't shell. I have the menu up. You can get it until July twenty nine. Oh my God. They have all the time. Are the brownies putting the mousse thing like why would you do that? And then the softer also says raspberry gelatin. I didn't know that. They do have which is straight up, garbage red, delicious apples. Yeah, that's I'll of red, delicious. Apple right. Is that who will now, technically you can make your child like one of those like full nutritional meals that you have your required because like Disneyland. It will be this thing where it's like this is a full meal, and I think they there has to be like a fruit and grain right teen. And so it's like, well, I gave you Apple's. So technically, if you have a petting you have a pet pig. So they're trying to. They're trying to abide by like USDA or FDA requirements. Check a book right that. These full at like I after I'm full of like pizza bread. The last thing I want to do is grab a mealy fucking apple. And you know they're going to be mealy, you know, they're gonna be dry. They're not going to be sweet and just chomp into one of those. I'm not gonna bite into a full apple after dinner. I think they should rename red, delicious, apples, red, not so delicious. God, Nick. No said it. Bravery, you're so brain is to be commended, sir. Thank you. Spiring it him. It is strange. They just have a big old pile apples, and they look like it looks like nobody is have been there for years. It's like one of those like Saifi things where you like if like something has a like a invisibility cloak on where I just walked by them on, never see them. They have like the stealth like stealth shield over that. And then those those weird sliced oranges that are next to it too. Yeah. There's like weird soggy, sliced oranges that look like someone's been like touching. Maybe not how they look like. Gathered by your acting. Wrong. I don't like their little finger tips and like just like he's doing and you're better off. Like a little birdie like a little bird that's going in and touching on, you know, like birds, do they touch things with their mouth. Kelly has been making a hand motion that's making us all squirm. I actually got a pretty nice looking dessert. I took a pic of it the Sunday Sunday, which I was happy because I was looking for a comb. There were no cones available. Bashed up drums those those cones are fucking tied. They're like God, the fly. It was an alien flux moment. Hey. The fly went is almost died lash. It just fell down, didn't even flyweight fell overnight, kill the fly. Flex moment again. So brave. Took out that it was horrifying guys land. Arming Zion door for this podcast that was the in terms of of horrifying fly moments. That was probably number two number one is when I was I was in kindergarten, and it was on the playground and a fly, landed on my hand. And then just like puked up its food. Just the back of. We know how the right, but he just just real excited for a second. Little flea. Legs are fly legs in this, like all you just like just spit out this green stuff. On my my hand. Drunk fly landed hand. It was just like, oh dog shit on your. Gorged on dog shit. And then he flew a little too vigorously. This is the second time a fly on your arm in here wants to is they're like, do you have a certain of that you're sent dog shit. Like turning home. Can tell him a dog shit writer. Blamed you instead of my house..

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