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The TV ratings for Super Bowl fifty three are in. And they took a huge dive w wwl's David Blake reports from all signs the who. Dat stayed away from Super Bowl fifty three a very lonely twenty six point one rating in New Orleans now nationally it was forty four point nine, but that's still very low the lowest receiver ball since two thousand nine and maybe the lowest ever in the crescent city. Senator Bill Cassidy says he has a plan to pay for a wall on the southern border without American taxpayers or Mexico, picking up the tab. He says we can make the drug cartels pay for it. Because not only doesn't secure the southern border, but it takes money from the cartels that they would otherwise use to human traffic drug traffic by gun Cassidy's filed a Bill to direct cash seized from drug cartels border wall construction the jury at the US trial of Mexican drug Lord known as El Chapo ended. Its first day of deliberations about a verdict. The jury is our testimony lasting nearly three months about Joaquin Guzman rise to power as the head of the Sinoloa cartel. Prosecutors say he's responsible for smuggling at least two hundred tons of cocaine into the US and using extreme violence to protect his turf top administration official for Virginia. Governor route north says the governor's meeting with staff to hear their assessment of whether it's viable for him to stay in office. CBS news update Virginia lawmakers are ramping up the pressure on governor of north them to resign over a racist photo at first northern apologize for that photograph. Then later said he wasn't in it. Republican state house speaker Kirk Cox become clear to us regardless.

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