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I I love the way. I love the fake outrage along with fake hate crimes. I think my favorite aspect of of the. Modern world. I love it. It's a great. It's a great thing, by the way, jussie smollet and to pay these guys four thousand dollars to beat him up in the most violence in America. He's the only guy who can't get violently attacked. He's has he's got to pay big bucks to do it. It's it's why we need so many immigrants to come here. I came across the border, basically because I was hoping some big shot Hollywood celebrity would give me. Well, I would I would have beaten jussie smollet up for two hundred bucks hopes this low people I beat up for free. But the fake hate crimes are second only to the fake outrage. And this tweet cold, I think, it's Dave del Favalora toxic pouncing miscue Lindsay says Mark Stein online. I this is this is in reference to the thing. I mentioned about twenty minutes ago with the Pentagon spending two point three million dollars on crabs and two point three million dollars on lobster tails. In September as the financial year droll sense. So people think the military budget is being increased so we can drone more people in Syria, or whatever, and it doesn't quite work out lie that they're having to spend it on crat two point three million dollars worth of crabs. So they can drop two point three million dollars worth of crabs on ISIS last redoubt in Syria. And this guy took sick pounding pouncing masculinity. Dave del Favalora says you really against soldiers getting a nice mail in the hall once a month. Shame on you. You're kidding yourself. If you think a single one of those crabs is reaching an American soldier in a combat zone. You seriously deluded? I one of the things that is most impressive America accounts. I think for something like forty percent of the planet's military spending more than all major powers combined more than Russia. China France, the United Kingdom, Germany all of them combined. And you would think full that they could have like a food budget. When when I was in Iraq about close the Iraqi the Jordan Iraq border in my crummy, little rental car. A I think it was a data. Sonora Sunday was no wasn't a great car. But then I didn't tell the guy was taking I rented it in Jordan and didn't tell the guy I was taking it to Iraq. Because I don't think the insurance covered that. But I was driving through the western desert. I k- because the third infantry division, and they would like jolly nice chaps and all the rest of it and very interesting to talk about a month after the fullest, Adam they had these Emory's which are called meals ready to eat, and that is a misnomer, those meals, whatever they ready for it is to eat, and I am evermore the line and army marches on its stomach. I am amazed that any army can March on 'em. Are they that is that is not food whatever that thing is it's not food and a little later. So they've been nice chaps third infantry division all the restaurant. And then I went down to the southern sector of Iraq, which the British were running. And I ran into the Argyll and Sutherland highlanders like sculpture, regiment, they walk down the streets of Iraqi towns in kilts scare the life out of the Iraqi men because they've never seen the infidels and skirts before. And they they think oh my God. It's an army of Chelsea Manning's. What the hell is this guy southern Highland gallon? Sutherland highlanders, had what this tweet calls mess. Whole. They had a mess hall with real food. Tell you something real food. Even real army food is better than these Emory's. And I'm not in. I am not opposed to the Pentagon suddenly deciding it needs to spend money on food, but it should spend money on food for the soldiers in the field in. So they don't have to eat those rotten Emory's rather than buying crab for parade generals in the Pentagon that is. Is my view on it. And if you want to disagree, you're free to disagree and get your word in before before the show is out today. Hey, let's go to Steven in Tampa, Florida. Stephen your live on America's number one radio show. Great w with us. Oh, good afternoon. Can you hear me? Yes. Again, loudon. Stephen, no, usually one stuck shifts over from just listening volume changes. So I didn't know whether you actually heard me I called because I'm afraid that Mr. Limbaugh has been misled as as most of the American public by various news media with regards to well, he was talking about the millennials wanting to leave the earth and go to Mars and so forth and so on because warming, and unfortunately, well, let me set the table. I I in the nineteen sixty s I worked at the Marshall space Flight Center for the Chrysler space division. I know a little bit something about that. Okay. Unfortunately, all of the popular stations that have come out have been very bad. I do not think any millennial who knows anything about space technology would even think that anybody who's going go to the moon ours to get away. Primarily the bureaucrats are running this. Now, have you ever heard something called the gateway concept? No whoops that the gateway comes. What is that? The gay concept is some. Say less less than bright predispo- are proposing. Putting a international space station type satellite orbiting the moon, and that's supposed to be the way that we all from the earth. Tomorrow's and the other planets, okay. Okay. It's it's a crazy thing. Something put together by bureaucrat, they know nothing about orbital mechanics. They know nothing about the technologies involved in all this stuff, but they're selling junk to the public. So the idea is that it would be like a base camp on Mount Everest. You have it at the moon, and from there you go to Mars afternoon at the moon would make sense. But there orbiting the moon with the space station. Okay. Which is which is twice as difficult as just going to the moon and setting up a base their base on the moon. We'll give you tremendous scientific. Test station, for example, you could put up all kinds of physics instrumentation. I could go on forever on. Oh now, I understand that. But. But the point is that all the stuff that is being sold right now. Primarily by the media is is junk science and once once people discover this after probably appropriating tons of money for it. Then they're just going to cut it off like they do the project. Well, that's that's very interesting. Stephen, I don't even know whether that looms in millennial imaginations the way it did for kids fifty and sixty years ago, where the idea of the space man, the the astronauts, it it it was something that figured very much in the Hume not just in child's imagination the human imagination. And there is a lot of thought I think that that original moon landing. Was kind of peak of human capacity in the in the way, you can't quite imagine us pulling off something like that anymore. I don't actually think I think one of the consequences. In fact, actually, I I'll make a generalization which may be a bit of an over generalization. But I'll go for it that that. In fact, big one consequence of social media, the internet computers, and all that is that people's imagination is turned in on themselves. So that where once you had little boys who dreamed of being a space man and going up in the space rocket and going to the moon. And now we have little boys who attend in on themselves and thinking about their identity and dreaming of becoming little girls and competing in the Connecticut state track championships in Connecticut as a young girl, so as a general proposition, I think people's imaginations have actually been turned in and become solipsism. Nasice thick a navel-gazing as result of computers and social media, and all that's my generalization of the day. All generalizations a bad as they say. So take this one for what it's worth Mark signed for rush. Open line Friday continues in a moment. You're listening to the network. The.

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