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Some big brother I truly hate having discussions about. Who would win one on one? Your fans and a Kobe. You'd you might WanNa one. I feel like Yo which you get from me is from him. I won't get five championships here without him because he died on me so much and gave me so much. Great Advice Leadership as guidance and sharing because truly inspiring leadership goes beyond the game. Right goes on athletes and fans even went of course as we saw in this series beyond America as hard as Jordan pushed teammates. He proved how strength also includes compassion. This is a big part of the story that was sometimes overlooked but he chose to make time for kids who were sick. He chose to engage the rest of the world with an uplifting and motivational presence. To this day he's one of the most famous iconic people ever to live crazy when you think about that right. But it's precisely because he represented so much more than simply American athleticism or type of success. He inspired the hunger for triumph. In connection across cultures. Michael Jordan is more than just the guy who won he. He just got people feeling that right. We have to remember how much we have in common are common. Yearnings used this warmth and charisma qualities that obviously also transcend borders that made him global and as the series also touches on when we think about politics which we discuss a lot around here Michael Jordan intentionally chose to live at that altitude so that no single political party could claim him not even really a single country could claim him. If you ask a lot of the fans around the world and Jordan's fans don't just buy some products that they want to invest in that larger dream in fact that continues last year. They did that to the tune of three billion dollars in over decades. The number of Jordan fans owning jump man gear estimated to top a billion people so the last dance is surging now over twenty years after that last championship. Showing how so much of this endures from everyday people to Jordan also inspiring some of the biggest stars in later generations who may not have grown up on him. That includes the world's biggest popstar. Drake released a sneaker with MJ who perform his Jersey who wears rare Jordan sneakers NBA Games which sneaker heads all about and drake even despite loving his hometown. Toronto Raptors has a whole hit song exulting Jordan where he intones jump. Jump Man Jump Man. What was you expecting? Woo Chinatown Chinatown. Michael Jordan. Just had text me Woo. The artist future joins in that duets lewd on the same chorus. Saying jump man jumped man jumped man jump man jump man jump man they up to something them boys. Just not bluffing. Fact check true. They were not bluffing. Six championships later. Now Take it all together. You can feel Jordan's lessons actually continue to apply. They applied that they apply now. They look to apply tomorrow. Because life's not about avoiding any adversity or trying to prevent ever feeling pain let alone death. It's about what you do when it's time to face them and so everyone's been flocking to this thing and discussing it and feeling it because we're also thinking about success is not just about being better at something than other people at the highest level that a level that Obama was talking about it requires leading the spirit of equality. Competition requires work and driving intensity. Last dance showcasing Jordan's Predator natural ability to also focus despite the adversity. We covered the mounting distractions of modern life to say nothing of the distractions in the life of Michael Jordan. He centered himself and those around him because he believed in himself and then for all that intensity Jordan still live this life and career of an optimist and example of fundamental spirit that maybe people respond to this because we can use that all so much right now. I don't have to tell you at the end of another long week and more weeks to come in this life has many negatives Jordan reminding all that if we try together to face them honestly then we're living in the reality and then we can still choose in our own ways to aspire to be positive. I hope that it's given the maze of people that have touched the optimism and desire to achieve their goals to hard work. Perseverance and positive attitude because limits like fears often just an illusion. Thanks for spend some time with us here on the be with our email. I wish you and yours a safe and great long weekend if you're having one..

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