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In Congress for years but quote. Nobody likes him. Nobody wants to work with them. He got nothing done and quote and asked defer she's would work. You know work form. If he were the nominees like she was like noncommittal. Now she's walked that back a little bit yes But what's what's the impact of something like this at at this stage of the game a couple of weeks before Iowa votes standards Sanders moving up in the polls a little bit. What's but also it just reopened a lot of stuff? That's always there. What's what's the impact of that for someone's doing the work that you're doing? It was as far beyond media to Secretary Clinton what she can and cannot say But what it is but what I will I will say is that it's we have to figure out once is primarily has done how we as how we as progressives can heal and come back together which. I'm confident we will do. We all have in common enemy in the White House and while I think. That comment is unhelpful. I think that the larger progressive movement now sees what is like to have this this gentleman in the White House gentleman for lack of a better etter. We're in the White House and what he is doing to our country and I think that we understand that we can't let arguments or our disagreements policy differences. Take US away from our job is the end of the day which is to defeat this president and to restore our our democracy democracy that works for everyone. So you're you. Do you think that having that common enemy will go a long way towards not that we won't see the splits in the Democratic Party that we did three four. Yes I definitely think that will be the case. It's going to be contentious up until the nomination and we. We should all recognize that these are they all have very passionate supporters who believe in their policies and they want their person to win. I certainly understand that. But from what I'm seeing in DC. What I'm seeing even when I go to states when I would I even when I speak to organizations progressive organizations that have actually the endorsed in this race? They still say yes. We have endorsed Bernie. Yes we have endorsed Elizabeth Warren but if they are not the nominee we are still going to support whomever emerges out of this primary. And I'm talking about like the Working Families Party. I'm talking about community. Change a whole bunch of different organizations. They are very passionate about who they are supporting. But the end of the day from what they're saying and also just from our planning efforts I can tell we we are going to work as a collaborative effort. And what did you We've seen the last couple of debates The last one in particular all white candidates dates three of them in their seventies. Do you have any concerns that this is going to depress turnout from communities of color or young voters. Yes I I do and I think we should all be aware of that. I I get worried when Our debate stage looks like a Republican debate instead of a democratic. Take a look worse versus Rubio I am I am. I am very very worried about that. I think that whoever emerges with the nomination needs to make sure they have a plan on how they're going to engage and ultimately activate of people of color and I think that organizations like mine in particular who are well suited to do this or going to be focused on that regardless of who the nominees and again I I am I am. I think that Obama is a once in a lifetime president. I think that he had the ability to motivate people in a way that I may never see again So we can't. We can't look for another Obama so so we can't we. Should we give up on the idea of the Obama coalition and wait for a war and coalition or a sanders or abide nurse up like that. I think I think the coalition is there. I I think the coalition came together and help give Nancy Pelosi the speaker gavel right so I think the coalition is there. I'm saying is that the Museum Hasim that President Obama created around his candidacy. We can't rely upon that to win this coming November. What we you can rely upon is sound organizing around issues that people care about and using those issues to create enthusiasm that we need to defeat this president so this is going to be like like a a grinded out? Yes grinded out game. This is going to be a long year long as an soaring stadium. Filling events like Obama CA. I was talking to someone the other day at this. Not At this point of the race but within a month or so he was filling up arenas dues getting massive crowds. You're right I don't see anyone anyone in this crowd doing that. I'm unsure. I think time will tell but also let's talk about the the the large massive crowds that are attending all of these marches that that activism is there but we have to translate that activism into people actually going to vote. And that's not always easy. Just Morris thank you so much for being here I even despite the fact that from Philly. What did he get into the greedy controversy? Oh God spared you on that. Let let let you go without having to comment on gritty. Let that be out. Thanks so much no problem. Thank you Joe. I'd like to thank you all for listening. I'd like to thank Justin for coming into San Francisco. Go to be on the PODCAST. I'd like to thank the King King Kaufman and the crate one Karen Creighton producing today's episode. And remember whether you liked like kill Basa or cheese steak. It's all political. It's all political as part of the San Francisco. Chronicle podcast network. Audrey Cooper is our editor in chief our music our theme music that we have is cattle. Call that's written by Randy Clark and performed by Randy Clark and pro soft. If you'd like this show subscribe rate and review it on Apple podcast or wherever you listen for more great journalism like this subscribe to the San Francisco. 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