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Thank god that can transform between the difference up multipurpose end up. I mean Gene titans go are so ridiculous than the other or serious superheroes tons funny things about that and also it's so great when they go through the mole diapers and you could. These animated versions of a budget. Different urgency of the teen titans. Oh yeah but yeah. The world gog isn't like made up from this. I mean it's been in dc comics before really. It wasn't made up of this. I thought that was pretty good. that the world agog allows you to travel between portals. And see what everybody's doing so the times go put it together. Who has the in their universe. Santa claus i know because it's like that's how it gets all the houses in one. I'm of the teen. Titans are like wait. Are they really talk about santa another like santa is real and a little cookie guns. I love the guards taken off the gulf guards. Yeah well now. They're going through the snow and have those candy cane Like scuba whatever you call them snorkels than they end up half bring in a bunch of other alternate you know other universe titans so you guys watch the series. There's a lot of easter eggs air for stuff. That's coming out tons of easily. Yeah i like how or ill people even older they. You a super brands version in an episode or two on that. Yeah yeah yeah of jeans. Course they take on like right out of the comics of the new of the new titans Well and then they go to the urgent bits. I guess. What is that the dc you universe or is it. Yeah it's made from from like those last movie. The last animated movies the ones based on like do fifty two because you saw might wings in a red costume so yeah now either. Read you with a the other with other titans of that. They have that version which was funny because of course one of the running jokes robin is crushing onstar fire. They'll totally crush on it back. But then she meets titans robin tall and handsome. Ben both are fires have crushes on but then the to start fires c nine. Oh keys really tall really and so. So that's the one thing that you versions robert agree on. Is we gotta get out of here because fighters talking about three heads. Go on zoe. Three heads robbins. Five stall on. I think maybe seven heads at least six So they could get their money's worth out of those people i mean. Yeah the teen titans in teen titans go. Both house spoke team. Same both seem voice actors. Yeah same same anchors..

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