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B. K. early in the Yuba city area fifty five degrees in the Sacramento area fifty three degrees you're listening to news ninety three point one KFBK president trump has reportedly ordered his staff to crack down on homelessness in California suck on America aerial Steinberg is chair of governor Newsome's homelessness task force and he says he wants to keep an open mind about any federal help I'm worried because the administration has a pretty good record demonizing people who are vulnerable and offered to help you easily turn into a just the opposite but I think we have to react at least with some open this year a delegation from several federal agencies is that is visiting Los Angeles to get a first hand look at the city sprawling homeless encampments and efforts to control them the trump administration has not yet provided specifics on what its national homeless policy would entail a twenty one year old man from Loomis who was hospitalized because of injuries potentially related to vaping is back home gave BK's Jordan Christmas reports Rickie D. Ambrose he was put into a medically induced coma last week because of lung problems his family says he was generally healthy but then he started vomiting for five days straight before being brought to the hospital doctors initially thought he had some kind of infection but then determined he was in respiratory failure after learning that he fades Ricky's mom's Facebook posts warning people against vaping got over four thousand shares when it was posted last week over four hundred people across the country have been hospitalized with sickness is believed to be connected to vaping Jordan Christmas news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. the bay area city of Richmond has banned the sale of the cigarettes and other vaping products and twenty twenty the city council voted unanimously last night to join San Francisco in blocking the sale of any products that haven't been approved by the FDA. as many as one in five high school students across the country have said they used bait products local business owners oppose the van van as saying that products will still be sold on the black market congressman John Garamendi is applauding the departure of national security adviser John Bolton K. if BK's Tim Lantz has the story congressman John Garamendi from the Sacramento region actually offering praise to the administration in the case of John Bolte inspiring though Bolton says he resigned facts of the matter.

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