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Were recovered during our search for evidence teams continue to look over those items. Investigators believe close was abducted October fifteenth with her parents were found shot to death in the family home. It's sixty years in prison for an wro-wrote, man. Fifty one year old Alfredo soda was convicted in the murder of Thirty-one-year-old Martin Yano Alvarez Alvarez was fatally shot in two thousand sixteen at the Latin American club in Aurora. Jurors found Soto guilty of first degree murder on August twenty seventh after a five day trial. Soto needs to serve the full sentence and will receive credit for eight hundred fifteen days served in the Kane county jail where he's been held since his arrest. A proposal to arms. The school staff is not finding any favor with one school district in Illinois oak park school district ninety seven plans to vote against it. The proposal was put together by the Illinois association of school boards. According to the pioneer press the school district Ninety-seven is calling. The proposal a stupid idea members came to a unanimous decision to oppose it saying guns don't belong in schools. If the measure is approved by other school districts and passes district. Ninety-seven officials tell the paper they'll reach out to local lawmakers to oppose it teens might be some of the best teachers when it comes to learning about safety and distracted driving secretary of state Jesse white unveiled a new video yesterday made by highschoolers. He's been in office since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but secretary of state Jesse white. Thanks. There's someone better than himself to impress upon teens the dangers of distracted driving. That's other teens. Forty two percent of the individuals who drive on our roads, especially IT techs, and they use your cellphone that is probably one of the worst things that you could ever do. Driving automobile fair at house of hope brought students together watch this new distracted driving video that you can see.

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