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During the 2021 kickoff experience, which, of course, is happening in Tampa on Thursday night for the first game of this upcoming NFL season. Chris Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to talk to us and And before we dive into your partnership with the NFL on this initiative, let's start with just an overview of the work. The USO does in the background. The history of this organization. Yes, Ryan, thanks so much for inviting me on today and give me an opportunity to talk about the force behind the forces. The United Service organization better known as the US, So we were created in 1941 at the behest of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Just before the United States was getting ready to enter the Second World War, and he said at that time I'm paraphrasing here. We won't win this war with machines alone. It's going to take people supporting people. That's what the U. S So is and represents. Um, we are a collection of top volunteers. Partners. Donors, um, that want to wrap our arms around our nation's military and their families make them feel well supported and well appreciated. We consider ourselves of force behind the force because it does take Active support in order to deliver that mission of connection. That mission is to strengthen our service members and their families by keeping them connected to the things they love, their family, their home and their country. We believe the United States is us, uh, force for good in the world and in order for America to be strong. It needs strong service members to we, we believe by strengthening them by keeping them connected to the Things in places that they love. We're doing our part in that in that important mission, And certainly I think when a lot of people here usl they immediately connect Bob Hope. And the work that he did for the organization, the entertainment side with the U. S. So can you talk a little bit about all of that? Yes, absolutely happy to. Yes, the USO as well known for our entertainment towards dating back to the Bob hope in the incredible legacy that she has laid for so many entertainers throughout the generation, And that work indeed still continues to this day, where Some of today's biggest stars, but also younger, Uh, influencers are putting their time and talents towards supporting our service members and and making them feel that they're they're doing special exclusive concerts just for them and Um yes, that continues today through through our USO tours, but also through a wide range of what we call M V P programming, which is military virtual programming. Where you know stars, comedians and concerts are being put on for folks through virtual channels. And then when it comes to support for our troops overseas, you know, so much of the focus recently has been on the return of our service members from Afghanistan. But there are service members who are stationed all around the world, some in places that many Americans might not even realize we have troops stationed there and a lot of this work, including these care packages. Correct me. If I'm wrong, they're going to be for our service members serving all around the world. 100%. So you know, one of the the the great Strength of the US So is our global network of USO centers. So we have 250 centers now in 17 countries around the world. With operational capacities and capabilities to get support to our service members wherever they may be. Be it in the middle of a field somewhere in an undisclosed location, uh, to shift at sea. In fact, we now have delivered support to all seven continent. With us, so to go and care packages being sent to Antarctica, the support service members, uh you know who are who are deployed there to support scientific missions. So it's a real incredible way for, um, for us to make sure that no matter where our service members go, they know to look up. Find the USO, and they know that they'll see staff and volunteers there to make them feel welcome and well appreciated. Also want to touch on one aspect of the work us. So does that maybe people don't realize you handle and that's helped with transitioning service members and military spouses. This is so important because of the constant travel through different points of their service. Can you talk a little bit about that program? Yes, Absolutely. Our transition program is so important for the reasons that you mentioned. I mean, transition is a feature of military life. And you know, we're talking about not only transitions. Like the movement of people from place to place in a PCS transition or a permanent change of station. Um, which happens every 2 to 3 years for military personnel where they have to pick up their families. And move somewhere else in the service of our nation, But it also involves life transitions as well. I mean, joining the military is a huge transition, and that's why you know from the from the moment. That that our service members raise their right hands to defend and protect our country, Our Constitution and the values they're in. There are USO staff and volunteers by their side, answering questions, making sure that they feel well supported. From when they join to when they moved from duty station that duty station and indeed to help increase the preparedness and confidence of our service members as they're transitioning out of the military into civilian life. The website where you can learn more is uso dot org again. Uso dot org Let's talk about your partnership. This is a long time partnership between United Service organizations and the NFL. And with the kick off to 2021 football season, happening in Tampa with the reigning Super Bowl champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you're teaming up for the 2021 kickoff experience. Tell us what's going to be happening at that event. We.

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