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They're no more rain from Canoga Park is a romantic or just plain stupid. Get your partner's name tattooed on. You know, I find it stupid. One of those ones that whose name did you get attached and where it's all about my life. My mommy, It was her name. Where is that? That that like all across my hold you like a car. You got a license plate on you Got it. You got mad, and it was said that you cover that up. You know what? It was kind of hard to cover it up. But I finally did it. Would you put it like a big ass tiger on your chest? Now? I got nothing but cultural club rock all use a moment alone with you right now What? I'm saying baby, a 18521 open. Not is a romantic to get your partner. That's on you. Or you like me to correct what you believe is just going and put my name on it, so I know it's really property. That's what it sounds like. We're going head to head the current 90 minutes, not stop. Let's go. Rich baby, be my baby. I think I am. But it's quite a show. You had a big A big A tits on you better get the car to make it slightly. In the market. I love when he but only have been online for a real king. But you could never take my one a day with no breakout on their boys wanted from the West. They want to go down. Blame little man back B does not own it. Better get money. Get rich, baby happy, I think. Right. Pretty little camera light. Never. I can, Babe. My mission. I nice bodies, baby hate us, But he don't like me are going to bring back Hi Fi. That's not young, Nick. Better happy. Money is no big deal that you dream of. So be a big baby. You are a dreamer. Wait my heart. How much star, right? Yeah, I know, Baby. You go on.

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