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Uh mk concerned about the bruins injuries with berge ron and now mcevoy ended up injuring his leg on saturday uh they will make the playoffs hope they're ready and healthy for the playoff so what is the latest the you know on mcevoy well mcevoy like if they took a team photo on monday at the mcevoy uh in wasn't until came out cut of uh not looking like he was going to be doing anything else l and take a keen photo so i get that the kind of a day to day circumstance also took alaska bruce kathy told the needy affair that cut eucaris dealing with uh kind of some minor injuries so don't know what that means i would assume this uh they got they play the redwings uh the mall tuesday i don't think that based on that comment by cassidy that that rask would be in there i mean the great news for the bruins this uh they've got a bunch of games that have so there there are six points behind tamper with three games that have they want them all they could be tied uh the three points it had a toronto but they've got four games and handle all of these i think they're they're settled into a spot i think with these injuries that you don't want to flush guys back to try to catch tampa i i and they have a lot of games left to so if i'm the boston bruins on making sure my players or healthy i'm getting myself set up for it first round match up again the draw make leaves hopefully story likely starting in my building and uh that uh my focus is to make sure everybody is healthy and ready to play the bruins have had a terrific year they've added some piece to the puzzle would have been nice pick up so far as shortterm so uh you know for me that be my plan planets just they make sure i got my guys the mcevoy's the burr's ron the rise about overdoing it with those guys.

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