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The return to in-person social life is fast approaching the dc region. Wmu's domonique maria. Benassi recently. Visited the dc improv. Comedy club a venue that is reopened after being closed for more than a year alison. Hi dominic nice to meet you. Yeah elbow to elbow there. You go temperature. Checks were ninety. Five point seven okay. I'm alison jaffe. Owner of dc improv and her staff are getting ready for friday night. Show jaffe and general manager. Antoine griffin are giving me a tour of their showroom after being shuttered for thirteen months in having to lay off staff griffin. Says they're excited to be open again. Wolf thirteen months of being cooped up in the house. Everyone's already seeing everything on netflix. Within the first six months so something new something. Fresh is what people are looking for right now. Johnny says while they are comedy club. There's nothing funny about safety. The h vac system has been upgraded hand. Sanitizer stations are in every corner reminders. To wear masks flash multiple. Tv's and tables are spaced. Well beyond the required six feet of the a lot of people forget that the pandemic is still happening. as we are getting to better numbers right now So we still have to be cautious for our staff. The comics and the customers. They're sold out tonight with sixty people expected in a showroom that usually about two hundred and fifty people at the rate of twenty five dollars per person. Jaffe says they're not making any money. The way i looked at it was we're losing. We're losing being closed. If i could lose the same amount of money by being open and give people work and give people a place to have like good time. I felt like it was worth it. I like to stay for the show but unfortunately with capacity limits in place. I have to leave outside and connecticut. Avenue northwest for showgoers are waiting in line for their health screenings before entering the building at the griffin takes each customer's temperature and then reminds them the cove safety protocols galster's mushroom remastered. All top alicia. I could be eating drinking. Reggie glass from prince george's county is waiting in line. For his fiance fiancee's birthday was yesterday. So i was like let me go ahead and do some special for her and just kind kinda talk just laying around the house. This is first time to a comedy club in more than a year. He says he feels safe to go out. Now like i know here. I like that. You had to actually by the table because normally at a comedy club they pack you all in but now you have your own table so i mean you feel a little more comfortable like net a little further up in line Liz morgan nor abdulle from arlington. We've been waiting for to open for ever. A bill says while they're unfamiliar with the comic performing tonight they say. Dc improv is one of their favorite spots. How does it feel like. Does it feel normal yet fascinating. I don't i don't know it does not go. We don't have to wear masks. And the capacities normal. The mayor has announced that indoor capacity restrictions will be lifted on june eleventh but the pandemic isn't over yet and if the last year has taught jaffe anything it's you just can't predict anything and you just can't land anything from dc improv. I'm dominique maria. Esi thanks for joining me for. Consider this from npr. Listen again next time. We'll make sense of the major stories happening in the washington region and elsewhere. In your world i'm wilson..

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