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I say i p technology i c i p business and i see peace strategy and digital transformation this podcast is made possible by the i p program so if you wanna check it out details can be found at the ww dot io t dash inc dot com slash training and with that i give you hey i in iot a marriage made in data with an an row with me today on t show is dr narrow and that is the global artificial intelligence lead for p wc he has over thirty years of experience in building advanta lyrics and artificial intelligence systems and advising clients on digital strategies customer experience marketing and operations an ad welcome to the show great beer bruce thank you so what is your phd yeah by phd wilson option diligence are okay yeah should have expected that yet a way back in the ninety eighty five eight so goes back a long time and why did you choose i mean well you know that's the thing has been around for almost forty years or something like that or maybe even a little bit longer fifty years why did you choose artificial intelligence for your hd yeah no it is being around it as you said for more than sixty sixty two years interesting the the wood was calling and the reason i chose i was i did my undergrad in computer science and was obviously looking for leading head cut cutting edge at the time and i was on its upswing and again is gone through multiple downswings brings winters as they call it that's right i winter i think i heard that right yeah that's right yeah so we are gone through the said we are on the though the ice spring dosso through one of those is springs at made the decision to do my eye phd in actually worked for almost two years after that so spent quite some time in that more i would say those days it was more aerospace defense nasa those kinds of projects and not goes it sort of very much on the business side of takes.

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