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Good player of the game brought to you by Skyline Chili Feeling good Its skyline time Scott Heinemann called up Friday. Homered to lead off the third inning, his first of the year on a fly, too. Center field. Scott Heinemann. Is our skyline, Chili feeling good player of the game and enjoyed his interview because all of a sudden he's out there with Nick Castano's and Jesse Winker. And man he is feeling good. Just like you feel every time a Cincinnati and Walks into skyline Chili and the chicks there grew up on the West side, the best side ST William Parrish, the corner West eighth in Rosemont, a stone's throw away from the original skyline on Glen Way, Avenue. Let's go out to the phones Mike in Fairfield. How are you find, sir? When you say pick all right, man, fella. Frustrating. This is club. Yeah. Hey, good leading music there. Dennis used in the classic sports classics for that, man. I love that for me. But anyway Where were you know That's where the old folks it is. I love the same woman anyway. Yeah, So do one thing that cost him today. I mean, yeah, that was a loopy to run infield hit that put him behind, but They should have had a run in the fourth inning. Stephenson let off with a double. They didn't get him in. That's right. And Suarez took strike three on the inside corner. Who must give me you gotta swing at that. I mean, selling off something. Get that man to third base, you know? Yeah, about last night. Were you watching last night? A bases loaded three. Oh, count. 20 dude could not find home plate and he swings at a high outside pitch with nobody out with nobody out in pops out. That is a walk. It's another run, and they could have scored five runs that it couldn't they get one on a sac fly. They should have scored at least three runs that thing easily as worried as I don't know what his problem He can't hit with men on base. I mean, he gets hit here and there with nobody on it doesn't really mean anything. Uh, he's got eight home runs. But how many ever really been meaningful, you know? Yes. He had to run over another day when it's 18 to 2. That's right. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's just I don't know. Excuse me. The Is that really? I believe they did get that running in the fourth and had a two run lead. I believe they did. Helena won that game now we'll never know. But I'll tell you this. When it got Whenever Robertson hit that home run and put him ahead, 43 and the Reds couldn't score in the bottom of the seventh. I'm like we're in trouble because that Williams and hater will come in and just shut you down. My gosh, she's off speed stuff Winker cast. Janos and Stevenson couldn't touch it would not touch that and and he's got a real good fastball to say You can't sit on it. You know, you can get three pitches over the plate consistently, and we know about hater. He just comes in and blows you away. I mean, if you'd better not be behind Milwaukee right into the eighties. You're absolutely right. I love the cowboy. He knows Yeah. And like talking about Hoffman last night, when when there's nobody on he's fine when guys get on bad numbers. Yeah, he starts nit picking and it ain't happening. He'll get ahead won't too wanted to next thing you know, extreme, too, and bad things usually happen. There was more three to sniff game last night was incredible, but I'm not just Hoffman. But the guy's a good picture really just gets aggressive, You know, be aggressive. And he couldn't live that second inning in a very positive sign for him that he had done that. He got through five innings. Your stuff. That's right. He got good, good qualities. Stuff. Just trust it. I don't know. Nick Dirt kicked their five Four games under 500 again. I don't know how long it's gonna take him to get back to 500. You gotta beat the Brewers tomorrow. You have to you just to your right. Two out of three. Castillo look getting he's looking better. Too bad he lost the other day. He had one tough inning, but boys threw the ball great. But the thing about these reds these red starting pitchers and they certainly they have talent. They threw almost home. They throw too many pitches. Yes, they too many pitches they can't get Hardly even into the sixth inning, let alone five innings and it's just killing the bull been. I mean, David's Everything Go to the bullpen own power for this club. I just can't see them putting together. You know, I went to a winning streak so inconsistent, you could be writing course it's It's really hurt. Heaven borrow in the stock is out of the lineup for an extended period time. Miss Dawkins has hurt all the time he hasn't been. He's played about half the games this season. Seems like and sense tells her all the time too. You guys can't stay healthy. That's right. It's terrible, so they don't know. After the more you get an off day, That's gotta help. And then they got a tough road trip coming up. Washington Chicago. Hey, You mean you'd do well to win three of those, uh, they I'm going to have done with most most of the West. They get killed in the West, you know? Yeah. Arizona and Frisco just killed him. But they don't You know, you just gotta You gotta play the schedule. Do the best you can. But if it is a ticket, then look good right now. Tell you even after 44 games, hit them look good. Yeah, it's tough. Hey, always enjoyed it. All right, my take care of yourself. Beautiful. And before we go to break it's time to recap. The driver the game brought to you by the BMW store to BMW store where passion loves company passion. Man, Jesse Winker. He really is on fire and you have to love the way this guy is playing. And right after Scott Heinemann.

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