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Every year in the NFL. It's a new team. As far as goals. Go. We have one. Putting a fucker ran on a finger. Welcome to the buccaneers observing pod cases. Route though of Somali today is may second two thousand nineteen one hundred and twenty six days to kick off against them. Kinda countries interviews today yesterday, we do whole bunch of stuff like with having such a large coaching staff. We're going to get a lot of coaching interviews was like two hours worth yesterday. Two hours worth of get through all of it. I got through four interviews. Yes. We're going to discuss some of that. But before we do get some fact checks followups fact check I wanted to put this out there. I had said that Burs areas offense. They don't normally keep running back titans. Ian to help block. They do. I went back and looked at some of the cardinals games when he was head coaches. They pretty much run the same offenses cutter did difference being from one I can tell so far have charted everything out. Exactly. But he has more underneath routes than cutter and cutter with more vertical with his stuff. He always. Have three or four wide receivers. Going fifteen yards deep at least Aaron TASR more. He does like a ladder thing we as receiver. That's couple yards off the ball of ladder scrimmage. Another receiver. That's about three five yards. And then then fifteen yards, and he's receive going deep, actually, it seems like he's got to that kind of go be, but that's a general setup. Getting watching his place. I wanna pick a few random games throughout the different seasons that he was a head coach and charge them out. And see exactly how much different they were then cutters like to see how he's developed. No just to see how different it was from cutter because they really are the same offense. I did think that Bruce Arians didn't keep the running backs in tight ends as much as cutter did. But from what I've you'd last night. It's about the same and he likes us pass catching running backs to yes cutter. So they're doing the same thing know. Right. Well, you say got fired. I was extremely I've said at first because I was like whether our offense because we this is the most prolific oftens we've ever had as Buchan ears. And when he was gone. I was like, well, we'll probably get a defensive line coach or something like that. We're gonna go back to run it three straight times in putting it by. Air. I guess he's the only comes out there. That's runs the same. This'll be does better so excited. He keeps his running backs and tight ends in just as much. I would say just what I can to for pain barber and Jane and camera break pay good blocker. What do you think they're going to do with Andre Ellington? He's gonna make the team we're gonna keep four or five Renna bags good stable of him. Mike Evans has a bowling event in Oggy land coming up and land. When I say Augie hoops. For you for your argue. Aggie lan. Yes. Eighteen days from now, which is going to mean, it's on may eighteenth. Let's not eighteen sixteen days celebrity bowling event. It's in college station. It's going to benefit the foundation. Mike Evans, vainly confirmed. Guests far Johnny Manziel, Dimitri, more and Ryan Swope, Johnny football. He's probably got a lotta time on his hands. Now. Yeah. So you can't play in the Canadian Football League. Af is done the NFL going to get him. He's got time for bowling morale or how much Joe Bugner fan pushed Johnny Manhattan's. And after the meltdown after the draft a lot of people in the commoner their articles. We're like whatever happened. Johnny football shoved down our throats where year. Putting you never know. That's something. We thought we were talking about to draft and Hal hit and miss. It is and everything I pulled up the two thousand eighteen who won an article NFL dot com which team won the two thousand eighteen NFL draft. They said the Broncos the bears, and the giants lead the pack. So none of those made it to the Super Bowl. I mean well to the Super Bowl met play on the bears. Right. Yes. They picked sixteen though ravens. The Broncos the bears the bucks Packers. When giants the ones they said one the draft last year two thousand eighteen of those sixteen only two of them ended up with winning records. My hands. They both went to the playoffs. Magadan knocked out pretty quick. The ravens in two thousand seventeen had a nine seven record. And in two thousand eighteen day Hettie tainted six records so about one game. Okay. Broncos had five and eleven and they ended up in two thousand eighteen going six and ten so they got a game improvement the bears aided the best overall. They went from five and eleven to twelve and four that's seven seven-game suing the bucks. However, as we all know went five and eleven in two thousand seventeen and five and eleven in two thousand eighteen the Packers with seven nine in two thousand seventeen but six nine at one in two thousand eighteen so they lost the game and the giants for three and thirteen in two thousand seventeen then moved up two games to five and one of them kind of a low bar low bar there. So winning the draft does not necessarily mean you're gonna have a good football team next year. What can seven guys really? Do. Yeah. Every now, and then you're going to get a guy that could really push team over the top two teams got to be on the bring. Yes has the Kwame Barkley. They have squad Barclay J ally. Manning victory to Appalachia. Middle things. Safety. He's gone that last year this year. I think that was this year. Diddy. How the giants are. That's my point. They could win all kinds of drafts. I don't think it's gonna help them for a while. They got their new do quarterback. No. Take one had enough. Yes. But the thing you never know now and all the commentators there there to fill time. Just like we are. When it was draft night. And I saw it was ten minutes between each draft, which I don't know where I got that was four minutes. Don't and every draft for the past thirty years. I was going to listen to these people talk for ten minutes between each draft pick gave you ten minutes talk between strap better than listen to them. We did have peer reports live feed on the we switched back and forth between the NFL channel. They're talking as Pete reports talking heads and mytalk in head. I think you're talking head gotten more time with drunk. Yes. Being announced a Joe TIs Tori is going to be the play by play guy and booger McFarland old Tampa Bay buccaneer defensive lineman. There's going to be analysts in the booth. The not gonna have him on the put her cart. That was such a mess. Like fans pest because he blondes everything he get like a clear screen behind him. Just they did not think that through now says her left, right? That would like he had control. You could drive around the sign line. How many people that are run over with that? But he there were so many pictures on Twitter Instagram and all that people in the stands with Boogers Boubacar blocking a big play. They would take a picture, and you could see where you know. Somebody was getting ready to make a big catch and could see it because Boogers cart was right in their way. So good for him at Lisa Saulters is going to be the sideline reporter now. So it used to be Jon Gruden and Mike to Rico ESPN right Monday night football. And then Jon Gruden went to the raiders. And then it was three go, right? I can't remember what happened I do via in their last year. No was. Fox. Okay discount. Tony amounts of who. Did we lose? Right now. It's a fact check on affect check it right now at hands. Jason

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