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From Radio Vermont, it's the Dave Graham Show on wd? It's your show about the people places and the issues that matter the most to you. Now here's your host Dave Graham. Good Morning Vermont is the Tuesday June the thirtieth two thousand. And Twenty and we have a good show for you this morning. We're GONNA be speaking first off with. An old wd James Ehlers is going to be visiting with us and I think talking mainly about the F thirty five flights, the fighter jet flights in and out of the Vermont. National Guard base in Burlington. A lot of concern there that you know there's a lot of speculation leading up until their arrival last fall and since then there's just been Pretty loud drumbeat of concern from the community about just how how loud these planes really are, and not not sure what folks think ought to be done about it, but. There is. A lot of conservative will be hearing some of that from Mr. Elliott's I do believe in the second half hour. We're going to be visiting with Tracy Dolan. She is Deputy Commissioner of the Vermont Department of. Health wanted to get an update on our Kobe nineteen situation in the state governor Scott is continuing on his path of I. Guess You'd call it. Careful of the economy and we are of course Everyone's looking with alarm at at some of the. Figures and the seen on the national picture here, which is really quite concerning here it is coming into high summer around the United States and the Kobe. Nineteen virus is not going away. In fact on the contrary, we'll find out about some of that from from Tracy Dolan in the second half hour of the program this morning later on. We're going to be visiting with Dan Richardson he's our legal analyst of very active attorney in Montpellier former president of Bar Association and it all around good guy and Dan is. Going to be talking with us about a very important Supreme Court decision yesterday, relating to abortion rights access to abortion, etcetera and He Actually I think we'll has an interesting things to say about sort of the overall path of the Supreme Court, going forward I think there was a fairly widespread assumption among the general public that the court was really going to take a sharp turn to the right after appointments of Neil, Gorsuch and Brett Cavanaugh and there are some reasons that the court is. It's SORTA turning battleship? It doesn't turn dime and that we'll be talking with Dan about that. In the second half hour. Inbetween will be getting visit for from one of our reporters at axios. axios is one of the. National teams we go to sometimes for some perspective on what's going on out there in the broader country in world and I believe we are going to be talking this morning with a Ursula per now of of axios so. She may be I think she's a first time visitor to the day Graham, so show so I'm looking forward to that and Anyway. Let's get right it with James Ehlers who's on the line with us this morning? Good Morning James. Dave! What an a check in with you about the F, thirty five and and You know. I'm I'm? I think we may have to have a broader conversation about this point bringing in folks from the National Guard and And others there. Obviously, there's obviously some support in the community. Four base in these planes. In Burlington, they do generate some economic activity in heaven knows turn pandemic time. We need some economic activity so but. I think people are also really kind of surprised at. I mean there was a lot of speculation and prediction and studies indicating these planes are going to be louder than the old F16's but I think now that there. There is some growing reaction of holy cowards loud. What can you tell me? Well first off Dave. I'M GONNA. Let the economic activity assertion slide for the moment. Economically Benefiting Whom you know big question. But this morning you want to focus on the noise issue. And I would strongly encourage you to Get, the guard and some other folks. I'm going to recommend. WHO's working? I'm GonNa say this morning like Scott Decker and Jimmy lease a professor ranking. Physics Professor! From UVM. To come on the show and facilitate that dialogue and in fact I wish. WD And yourself would would host a public debate because right now. Our voice is. Or being marginalized and I think that's a nice way to put it. Even the National Guard. General General, night When he's. hosting town halls as he is tonight. you have to submit your questions in advance so you can decide whether or not he wants to answer them. So. We don't really have much recourse other than opportunities like this. Day because the politicians, and that is the other major aspect of this Mayor Weinberger. Governor Scott in particular. You know we we don't have enough time to get into all the issues with. Senator Leahy he's. The glass. And Senator Sanders for that matter. but we were. We were told we knew this wasn't true at the time. was that the noise wasn't going to be an issue thirty five. We're going to be louder. But not that much louder. And? You know I'm not you know I'm not your normal. What's The pejorative? They use for for people who oppose. Military and that sort of thing would they call snowflakes man? I'm not your average. Average snowflake I'm a veteran used to work in logging and loud noise. Yeah No, I'm here I just you know you used to loud noises and you're not a typical snowflake is which telling me and. And, I I. I. I I. I've I've received all sorts of negative comments and slurs directed me since taking a position against the basing of these aircraft here but the long short of it is. The the noise here is blistering. In! The the second aspect of that is. The airport, commissioners. Willful. Willful collusion with the National Guard. To avoid. Having to measure the noise because they know if they had the sound measurements and we have them from an electrical engineer..

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