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A marathon thank you for Hey Bob how are you it is six forty nine thank you for joining us here on WBZ newsradio in Boston at this is Tina gal you've been listening to governor Charlie Baker Charlie Baker just leaving the podium he has announced a series of updates on the corona virus impacting Massachusetts and far beyond he has order schools around the state to be close for three weeks through April six that includes public and private schools but not special education schools he's also changing the way restaurants do business I am ordering that any restaurant bar stab which meant that offers food or drink shall not permit on premises consumption these establishments may continue to offer food for takeout and for delivery and the governor also announcing at the conferences now that he's changing he's making changes to the size of crowd there were made last week today we're amending that guidance under our emergency powers to prohibit gatherings of over twenty five people subject to this order these gatherings include all community civic public leisure faith based events sporting events with spectators concerts conventions and any similar event or activity that brings together twenty five or more people in a single room or single space at the same time this includes venues like fitness centers private clubs and theaters Baker also says tonight that he does not does not include grocery stores this is about bars and restaurants in those places that people do not absolutely have to go and if you're just joining us I know that the state department of public health this afternoon has updated the number of covert nineteen cases here in Massachusetts there are now a total of a hundred and sixty four cases including forty five confirmed cases of covert nineteen as well as a hundred and nineteen presumptive cases those cases main those are only tested positive so far on the state level but are still awaiting final confirmation from the CDC the governor tonight also outlined new public health orders not include a ban on visitors to most hospitals and nursing homes as well and Baker is also calling on the.

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