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Kevin was out of cigarettes and I got him a fresh pack. I told him I had two options. Either bring the polygraph operator down and we talk in general about the setup or go to the other room and brief the polygraph operator. Kevin said he'd like a few minutes to sit and smoke a cigarette. So I told Kevin I'd be back in a few minutes. I met with our officers room number five sixteen and explain to our polygraph operator. Tom Cahan Sqi where I was at in the interview. And we discussed key points for the polygraph. Thompkin ski ask if Kevin was rested. Enough to take a polygraph. I then return to talk together while the polygraph questions were prepared. I asked Kevin if you've ever taken a polygraph before then he said No. I explained to him that he needed to be rested. And calm and prepared to take the polygraph. We talked about the late hour and I again offered to let him sleep either at the motel or in his dormitory. Kevin said that he felt good that he felt relaxed and that he wanted to take the polygraph. And get it over with. I told him we had some time until the polygraph operator was ready. We just sat and talked about the adjustment to college. We talked about how easiest classes were and his preparation from high school and said that he was real excited and that he had a whole new chance to get a new life started and was hoping that we would come down and get done with this and he wouldn't have to deal with it anymore because he was really comfortable in his new life that he had started. Kevin also talked at this point in time about his roommate and how somebody college must do a really good job of matching roommates because he has roommate clicked right from the very beginning and he really liked the Guy Lot. He had a nice girlfriend. Kevin then mentioned that he had already met a couple of girls at Ohio State. And how much better things were going at college. He added that just today a girl had walked up and talk to him in one of his classes without him ever having to talk to her do anything and he didn't think about getting a number but he was excited because he would see her in class the next day and would be able to get her number and she would be a new friend to be able to talk to. After we talked for a few minutes there was a knock at the door and he was Tom Cahan. Sqi I introduced Kevin Young and Thompkins. Reggie Thompkins ski then. Brought in the polygraph equipment and began setting it up on the table. I talked to Kevin and asked him if there was anything else I could do for him and he said No. I told him if there were any questions or problems. I'd be in the other room and they could call me at about two. Am I left? Tompkins ski and Kevin Young in room. Five twenty. I went to room five sixteen to wait for the polygraph. To be completed we again discussed the interview. We were just discussing a number of options and I contacted Special Agent Jim. Right of the FBI at home. Jim Wright provided direction for the interview. If it should continue and reminding me the cabinet I could be getting tired. I decided to focus on the polygraph as a break and use the next session as a new time of talking to Kevin. About two forty five. Am when the polygraph test was over. Tomcat Cahan ski left Kevin In Room. Five twenty and came to room five sixteen to discuss the results. He told me that there was slight deception on all but two of the questions however he added that Kevin had an extreme high stress heart rate. That could be related to the interview or just being tired. Thompkin Hansi explained that he had not confronted Kevin with any of the results. I took the note pad with Tom. Cahan skis notes and questions on it and went back to five twenty to meet Kevin. Kevin was still seated at the table. Where Tompkins Haski had conducted the polygraph? I pulled a chair directly in front of Kevin and told him that I was concerned. I explained that he had not done well on the interview as I had hoped. I explained to him that there were a number of questions for which he showed deception. I told him it was late and asked him if he thought being tired had a lot to do with it. Kevin said he thought that that must be it and that he was sure he was telling the truth. I looked right in the eyes and asked him if he did it. And once again he replied. I didn't do it. I then reminded Kevin that we both had been up all day and then gave him some options in terms of what he might like to do. I told him that I was down here to learn the truth from him and to help him and then I would do whatever he wanted to do. I told him one choice was that I could take him back to his dormitory. And if you wanted comeback next week to see him a second choice was to take him back to his dormitory and see him again after classes. The third choice was to continue to talk. Kevin said he wanted to continue talking and that he wasn't tired and felt that he could best help by continuing to discuss the incident. We took a short break. Kevin went to the bathroom and I got him another pop. I didn't start by talking to Kevin. About how important this was for me personally to get through to the person who did this to Lisa and get them the help that they needed. I explained that most of the police department and most of the investigators had kids and that they were only out to solve a crime. Kevin said that he had heard a lot of things about Lucasville prison and he had been thinking about that and that it would be really awful for the person who did this to Lisa to have to spend the rest of their life in a place like Lucasville prison within talk in general about the need to punish adults and to help kids within reviewed how he heard about what happened to Lisa. He talked about texts coming over to his house about his mother. Walking him up about the fact that his mother knew because she'd gotten a call but that his mother didn't tell them Kevin talked about how text was real wild and upset about the whole thing. Kevin said he didn't think much about it until he was at Arab later in the day. I told Kevin I had some concerns about what he said to others about Lisa while he was at Arabic he said he only knew techs told him I asked him what techs told him and he said Techs told him that Lisa had been knocked off her bicycle bludgeoned and raped. I then confronted Kevin with the information. I had that he was insisting that should been stabbed and not beaten and that he was insisting that she had not been raped. Kevin denied that he said that and added that maybe sometime later in the day he had heard on the news or otherwise that she had been stabbed and that she wasn't raped and that he remembers at some point hearing that Friday night and that he figured that must be what the kids were referring to again started to focus on. Kevin and I told him that I was scared and I thought he was involved and then I will really hate for something to happen to them like him going to prison for the rest of his life. I told him I really urgently needed him. To tell the truth. Kevin began moving into seed looked around the room with quick. Darting is he then looked at me relaxed back in the chair and told me that he was tired and then he needed a break. He offered to sleep on the couch for a couple of hours. Kevin said he wanted to get up. Talk some more. And then take the polygraph again to prove his innocence once and for all I discussed my concern that he be arrested for the polygraph. Kevin again offered to stay in the motel room and asked me if I would help him explaining to his teachers if you missed the classes because he had a couple of quizzes coming up. I told him I would help him in any way possible. I asked Kevin if you'd rather go back to his dorm and sleep and he said he was afraid he would spend the rest of the night explaining this to his roommates. I asked Kevin if it was a normal day and he was up till four. Am The current time how late he would sleep. He said probably until ten or eleven am. I told Kevin that I would move my bag out of the bedroom room. Five twenty as a two room suite and that there was a large bed and bathroom and that he could have the sweet himself for the night. I suggested that he just rest and go to sleep and wake up when he was ready to go for the next day. Kevin asked me if he could call his parents and I said sure and offer it again to pay for the call. He then thought about the time said he did not want to worry them by calling at four in the morning and asked if he could call what he got up. I told him sure he then went into the bedroom in five. Twenty and close the door. I straighten up room five twenty little and winter room five sixteen and advised Deputy Chief. Roche's that I was done for the night. I left a note for Kevin Call Room five ten if he needed something. Before I returned it was four forty five. Am Been Retired for the night. I got up about eight a m a little before eight thirty. The phone rang and it was Kevin. He said he was up and ready to go. I told him I was taking a shower and ask. If you've got a chance to take a shower. He said no but he would love to. I told him never towels. So Shampoo and everything in the bathroom sweet and it was paid for and he might as well use it and make himself comfortable and I will be down shortly. I got dressed and went down to room. Five twenty as Kevin was coming out of the back room. He told me he was ready to go and he felt good after the shower. I asked him if you'd like to start with some breakfast. And he said that. That sounded like a good idea. There was a complimentary paper from the motel. I gave them the paper and asked if he wanted to look at it. I asked him again if he still wanted to. Take the polygraph. He said yes. He really needed to prove that he was innocent. I told him I thought he'd be more relaxed. If thompkins Sanski went out to breakfast with us he agreed. I explained that Tomka Handy had gotten up early and gone for a walk. I Left Kevin. Reading the paper for about twenty minutes until I located Tom. I then returned to Kevin's room and told him that Tom Clancy would be along in a couple of minutes. Kevin I discussed the Middle East and a couple of other current news items until Tompkins ski knocked on the door. We ask Kevin where he wanted to eat and he said anything was fine as we walked out of the room door Kevin Remember that he had forgotten to call whom I started to walk back into the room and said I would charge the call to the city. Kevin thought for a minute then said No. He'd rather wait until after the polygraph. When it was all over Kevin Young Tom Kamsky and I then walked to the area of the front desk. Where the Motel restaurant was located and we debated between eating there. Or at the Bob Evans. Next Door Kevin said he liked Bob Evans. So we walk. Next door came at breakfast of coffee and orange juice in French. Toast with about an hour to eat breakfast. Relax and talk. Kevin talked a lot about computer games in dungeons and Dragons Tompkins. He expressed an interest in dungeons and dragons and Kevin explained in detail about using the book. Being the Dragon Master and being a player he said a lot of the kids asked him to be dragon. Master he added that it was tough to be a player after. You've been a dragon master because you knew the book. He said that. A dragon master to come up with a lot of obstacles when players had been dragged masters. Kevin also talked about video games and Nintendo. He was proud of the fact that he had mastered Super Mario Three..

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