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And welcome to wolves sports. I'm your host wonder wallace so glad that you could be with a lot of things to get down on discuss today. In the world of sports k. possibly be goes yama. We wanted to wallis win those world in sports so glad that you could be with us. Kushiro what's going on what's happening. Bosio both soi met with l. window wallace windows world in sports. You could be with us now. State shalom My brothers and sisters windows world sports so glad that you could be with us. Allowed thing to get down all in disgusted there in the world of sports arena. I hope that doing fantastic hope that you're living life. Well the hope that you're doing everything that you need to do to make this world and make your block to make a community to make everybody you come in touch with a much better person when you met him before. Let's go ahead. And let's keep that momentum going toward unity toward harmony tore down the standing. We can do it. We gotta do it do it. For the children do for their children do have children and so on and so forth we can get it done one those role in sports the podcast so glad that you could be with us one of the wallis year giving you what. I've got which is almost everything that i have to talk about. What's happening in the world of sports. So we're gonna talk about. What do you want to start with. You want to go with. Jj watt was on the cardinals. You wanna go ahead and start with that. Maybe a little bit later getting into Talk maybe a little bit later simone. Biles was on twitter. This might be something where the expiration date is a little bit old on this story. But i wanted to talk about it anyway because she would naming some names in terms of when people were speaking about the greatest athletes of all time and mainly people are talking about michael jordan. Talking about where the junior why. I don't know him but they're talking about the all of these. Great athletes and simone biles was like man. Look y'all are talking about this guy this guy this guy this guy this guy. Whoa i'm sure that the you might be able to fit some females in there so that was a discussion that got started and i was very appreciative of her to go ahead. And to mention the fact that we're speaking about the greatest athletes of all time that supersedes all genders and that type of thing. So you can't go with the old. Of course a man is going to be a better athlete than a woman especially if they're speaking about a world class bail athlete of course is going to be better than they mail. Class woman athlete will know no it was speaking about the greatest athletes of all time regardless of gender. Those were made an impact. Those who have been excellent in your sports those who have been regarded the best of all time regardless what sport they played. Then yes you're going to have to definitely include the women in. I'm glad that point that out. And i'm glad at. Espn admitted the fact that they were wrong. But i must have to say one thing get into a little bit later on the podcast man for the folks and this all started with someone posting something on twitter about tom. Brady being the goten. This whole rock started rolling down the hill toward this discussion..

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