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As well with soap magazines where actually they spoil awful you before it's even on a no one ever complains about that. The week four, a major character death in EastEnders thou BIA they'll be a TV, whatever magazine cover line about every every little detail. So, yeah, it's weird things of acceptable to spoil them more on. But yeah, and it's funny to me will so how how the BBC decides to put stuff out is you're saying like kidding. Eve has gone up his book set on three with some shows like with with fleabag that went up online BBC, three whole series, one drop, or I think actually maybe right the beginning it was released week by week onto three. And then it was up as a book, Seth ages, and then they gave it a primetime slot on ABC too because it was so popular and they were like Archie Disraeli serious, amazing show that we need to get out of people on. It's interesting to me that they haven't yet done that with Kate uneven seem to have no plans to that with kidding eve, which I feel like had been given the push that bodyguard has been given. So clearly a false superior program. I'm sure it was a lot more expensive to make because it came by the American via the BBC. And it's just so much better and yet they haven't pushed it in the same way as bodyguards. So it hasn't been given the same opportunity to become this massive water cooler program. It's not far on people are watching talking about it, but I just felt so immediately dispirited that bodyguard was getting all the attention I wanted killing get. 'cause I just love that crime thriller and think it's about a crime thriller. Yes, absolutely. So I think we will say that from now on you can expect full spoilers foot bodyguard. 'cause I think we should get properly into it and discuss it. You know, it's already been on TV guys, so you can't complain. So yeah, one of the biggest topics surrounding bodyguard I fail is how realistic is it slash, isn't it? One of the ways, I think because I don't in an office anymore, so I do not have a physical water cooler around which to talk about these things. People Oviously does Twitter, but the way that really tipped me off to the fact that this was being watched and discussed by lots of people was how much SEO content the walls on the internet about it. Every publication in Britain has been doing what all the latest bodyguard conspiracy theories is killing hose, ready dead, bummer, blah. And, and yeah, one of those articles that I've seen over again in. Like tabloids in bro. Cheats is getting real police officers and politicians to righto comment about is this realistic? Like with this? Like the funeral. The answer is obviously, no. Yeah, right. I know it's funny because it's not obviously what we're watching his fiction, and it's meant to be ABS like dramatic and exciting. So often you take liberties and things are bit more absurd, but that was something implausible about bodyguards that I feel like maybe comes from the fact that like the characters on while Ritter malls, it comes from the fast if the plot being absurd because I just went on BBC. Five live to talk about this on. They had Frank Gardner is correspondent, come on the.

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